ABU (Junior group)Fine Work

"What should be organized on the occasion of Braille's 200th anniversary"
Yanvanchinova Julia (24, female, Kyrgyzstan)

There is no doubt that on hearing the name of Louis Braille every blind person living on earth feels deep and undying gratitude to him for his great invention. He had put a lot of work into his invention -- the system of writing and reading for the Blind. By the result of his unremitting toil he had proved that a disabled person, a blind person in particular, possesses strikingly strong will-power and firmness of purpose to live equally side by side with sighted people.
It may sound paradoxical but Braille's appearance was like a ray of light in the darkness. His invention allowed many blind people to widen their life possibilities, interests, and intentions throughout the life. So speaking figuratively, he made dark life of the blind bright and meaningful.
Coming to the main topic of our essay -- "What should be done in honour of Louis Braille on the occasion of his 200th anniversary," I would like to point out that the range of events can be really various. It depends on our imagination, intentions and attitude to Braille. In my opinion, it is better to organize something not only for one single occasion but to make it useful for next generations for many years. That is why, I suggest establishing the so-called 'International school for the Blind named after Louis Braille.' Perhaps, this idea is not a new one but some points in my "plan" are really creative and worth putting into practice.
First of all, the school should enroll blind students all over the world. There should be no national and racial difference. As for the age brackets, it would be better to have there blind students of all age groups. In order to make their interaction and communication more effective and interesting, they can be divided into age groups but they should be isolated from each other by no means.
The second important thing about the school is that the education there should be free of charge. It should be sponsored by different charitable organizations.
The next important factor seems less important at first sight but I consider it to be essential. To make this school symbolic and to retain the name of Louis Braille into people's memory, it is better to establish the school in Braille's place of birth. If to make it perfectly symbolic and memorable, one can establish some kind of Braille's museum or at least memorial room. I strongly believe that such closeness to Braille's personal and public life will encourage many blind people to follow his example. Learning more about life pursuits of Louis Braille, many sighted people will change their attitude towards the blind.
The school's curriculum should consist of common disciplines peculiar to every secondary school. However, there should be "Rehabilitation course for the Blind", "Reading and writing in Braille," and, of course, "Indoor and outdoor mobility course".
All lessons should be understood by all students regardless of the nationality and languages they speak. That is why, there should be one International language to communicate -- English.
As for the certain events devoted directly to Braille's day of birth -- the fourth of January, the following can be organized:
  1. In order to remind the world about his great personality, firstly Braille's biography should be introduced. I think that it should not be made in form of bare and formal reports. Students should be creative enough to make it in the form of interesting and heart-touching performance.
  2. In order to appreciate students using Braille, it is proper to conduct a contest named "best readers and writers in Braille." The principle of awarding participants of all contests and games is very essential as the wish to be appreciated and awarded lies in the human nature.
  3. On the occasion of Braille's jubilee, it will be nice to publish a thematic magazine devoted to this important event in the world of the blind. The magazine may encompass a number of interesting topics. It is proper to describe all events that will take place that day. As we deal with the International school for the Blind, it is great to gather different experiences, views, some encouraging life stories and amazing real incidents that ever took place in the life of the blind. I think that publishing of such a magazine and spreading it all over the world will allow blind people to share their opinions, common difficulties and experience. We should never forget that we become stronger when we are together!
  4. The contest of using Braille in writing and reading among sighted people can be also organized. Their knowledge of Braille's system shows their immediate readiness to help and to integrate.
  5. Finally, if there is a good chance for the blind people to gather together, it is proper to discuss common problems, conduct various thematic seminars, and solve the most vital problems.
  6. Drawing conclusion to everything aforesaid,I repeat that I would like to make the event of Braille's jubilee as useful and constructive as possible, so that I suggest establishing the international school for the blind and conducting the event of Braille's jubilee in this very school. I am of the opinion that these both long and short-time plans will be useful for everybody.


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