ABU (Junior group) Excellent Work

"I am not less efficient than others"
Tuqa Faisal AlMajali (17, female, Jordan)

Those lines among which my stylus had wandered, those words of which I had tried to pick out the best, those thoughts made me draw them into images with which pages can't cope.
I asked myself, "Who am I? What am I privileged more than the others for? " A voice from within me replied, " You are a human being before anything, but Allah has inscribed the loss of sight upon you and compensated you for it with a good mind, so that you can see with your mind's eye the real things in view of experience not in view of their aspect."
My mind became overcrowded with many questions such as "Why are there blind people in this world?" Soon I found the answer, "This is necessary for the balance of nature because unless there are people with special needs, this natural integration in the universe will not exist". This fact enlightens my mind and heart and makes me feel that I have responsibility towards my society in view of the fact that I am not less efficient than others. Furthermore, I am not less creative and inventive than others because everyone can be efficient, but very few can be creative or inventive.
In order for me to become a basic brick in my society, I have decided to make use of every member in this society as a lamp to light my way for achieving my hopes and ambitions. Our aims and ambitions will not come to us on a golden platter, but through hard work and long struggle. If you lose something, it is certain that you will look for an alternative to benefit from it as if you have lost nothing.
When I recall my memories, I find it necessary to write about my experience to prove undoubtedly that I am not less efficient than others.
When I was in the tenth basic grade, I started a project about children and violence. I wrote much about this subject, made questionnaires and met many specialists who admired my questions and the way I presented my ideas and suggestions. Unfortunately, the supervisor refused to nominate me to go on with my project in the USA with my colleagues on the pretext that I am not healthy enough to stand traveling for fourteen hours to the USA, thus considering blindness a health problem that prevented me from traveling as if I am to travel alone along tough rough roads.
This situation did not frustrate me; on the contrary, it increased my insistence and determination to go on and to be surer than ever that I am not less efficient and even not less creative and inventive than others. There is nothing that prevents a person from being efficient, creative and inventive except losing one's mind.
This experience, in spite of its simplicity, made me know the significance of self-confidence. Self-confidence is not mere words that appear on stumbling tongues or between shivering lips nor it is words written in beautiful hand writing, it is continual hard work and achievement. This made me firmly believe that this world can not exist without people with special needs in general or without the blind in particular.
Our world is now very small, but full of different cultures due to universalization and communications and this, in my opinion, facilitates the way and paves it for the blind to work harder and tell the whole universe that they are not less efficient than others.
Everyone has to work hard in order to present something to the universe which Allah has created for us to dwell in and fill with justice and civilization. A smile which appears on your lips makes you feel the beauty and pleasure of this life and makes you reject failure and frustration. Look at the butterfly! Its life is very short, but it never knows hopelessness or despair and so must we be.
Our contemporary life is in need of productive human resources. Therefore, our world should make use of every creative human being and it is not acceptable to alienatea large sect of our society, namely the blind.
Our society should recognize the efficiency of the blind and help them develop their talents if they have any. Besides, they should be integrated in their communities so that their communities can take advantage of their efficiencies and talents.
Every blind person has to fill his or her position in the community as a protective wall internally as well as externally.
As I do believe in my efficiency and abilities, I will never give up trying to be an active and effective member in my society and this can not be achieved unless I complete my studies to the highest degree and my community should give me a chance to prove my efficiency and success.
History tells us about many outstanding blind persons not only in the Arab world and the Islamic world, but all over our planet. This proves the fact that Allah has not created anything without putting a secret or wisdom in its existence.
I would like to say a few words to my blind colleagues, "There is nothing which Allah has taken from you without having given you many better things instead".


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