ABU (Senior group) Fine Work

"We blind people are second to none"
Dulari Nautiyal (34, female, India)

There was a time when a visually impaired person was considered a liability for society. He had no role of any kind in society. Then, slowly, times changed, circumstances changed ; the attitude of society changed and the situation of the visually impaired also started changing. Today, he is making significant contributions towards so development of the country, the world and the society. He has touched new heights of success from where he can announce with pride that we, the visually impaired, are second to none. The following arguments would suffice to prove this point:
We have achieved remarkable successes in the field of education, be it teaching or learning, or research work, or writing etc. The students are passing examinations with much better marks. They are securing up to D.Lit. Degrees through research in various disciplines. They are working successfully in the posts of teachers, lecturers, readers and professors at schools, colleges and universities. Creative writing has also been within their reach and a deep imprint has been left here, too. Prof. Ved Prakash Verma is the best example of all these achievements. The books authored by him have been honoured by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute and All India Philosophy Council.
The visually impaired are working against the posts of telephone operators, typists, stenographers and managers in the banks. They are resolving complicated issues as managers, for example: Nafisa Parvez Bohariwala in the Central Bank of India and Harish Kumar P. Kotiyan, in the Reserve Bank of India. Apart from these, K. Ramakrishna, who is the General Manager in the I.D.B.I. Private Limited, has won acclaim for his efficiency in the corporate world. We, the visually impaired, have won many national awards in the banking sector. Akbar Khan, Stenographer, Punjab National Bank, who has made a deep impact with his services, is a shining example of this.
We have impressed one and all with our skill and talent in the field of law as well. Everyone has to face problems but, their magnitude assumes greater proportion in the case of the visually impaired. Success adorns him, who conquers these difficulties. We have secured the positions of advocates and solicitors by achieving such victories. Deepak Narendra Motiwala, solicitor and Kanchan Pamnani, advocate, are glittering examples of this. They are resolving the problems of their clients by acquainting them with the complicated processes of law on related subjects.
We have also given concrete form to our ambitions by adopting journalism as a profession. Persons working in this sphere, have to keep a close watch on the latest developments taking place in the country and the Side by side, they have also to have the ability to analyze these developments. Equipped with these skills and abilities is Garimala Subramaniam, working as Assistant Editor of The Hindu.
We do not lag behind anyone in the field of translation, too. Representing us in this field is Geethavani Shamanna, who is the German language translator and works in a software company. We are not lagging behind in self-employment and entrepreneurship either. We are running telephone booths, making candles, caning chairs. Some visually impaired entrepreneurs are even employing sighted persons in their ventures. Such persons have exploded the myth prevailing in the society that the visually impaired are liabilities. The industrialist, P.O. Pichumani is an example of this. Also belonging to this category, is Dilip Loylka (C.A.). He, too, is providing jobs to many persons. Both these persons are connected with work concerning automobile and petrol pump, respectively.
Many institutions /institutes are being run which look after the interests of the visually impaired and impart vocational training, rehabilitation, employment, school-education etc. The visually impaired are managing these institutions working for the benefit of the visually impaired, with great efficiency. The visually impaired have been able to enter government jobs primarily because of these institutions. The chief of one such active institution fighting for the protection of interests of the visually impaired, J.L. Kaul, is the best example in this regard. Under his able direction, the institution has accomplished many notable successes. The National Institute For the Visually Handicapped is also being directed by a visually impaired lady.
We are second to none in games and sports and adventure activities, be it cricket, athletics, car rally, or mountaineering. The visually impaired have earned a name for themselves in all these. Cricket competitions are organised on a world level. Athletic competitions are held on an international level. The peak of adventure is witnessed, when we climb tough mountains with flying colours. Parimala V. Bhatt and Harish Kumar Kotiyan have achieved these courageous feats.
The visually impaired are not behind in the information technology sector also. Today, they are working in IT companies, are engaged in computer programming, example: Madhubala Sharma. Visually impaired children are participating with great enthusiasm in TV Reality Shows. Not only are they participating, but they are giving a tough challenge to others. Every one gets amazed at the expertise of these children in the field of music. Also in the field of music, Ravindra Jain, who is a celebrated Bollywood music director and whose melodious music has thrilled the world, has earned great name and fame.
Thus, it is clear from the above description that, indeed, we, the visually impaired, are second to none. If equal opportunities and facilities are made available, then still newer records of excellence would be established.


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