ABU (Senior group) Excellent Work

"We blind people are second to none."
Nawal Kishore Sharma (50, male, India)

In the changed context of today, it is correct to say that we the blind are second to none. The history of human civilization is witness that from the ancient times till today, many visually impaired persons have made their appearance on the scene, who have set high and commendable records in the fields of human service and welfare--administrative, social, political, economic, educational, cultural. In other words, they have, in no way, been second to persons who are fully able-bodied from the side of nature. We shall like to clarify this, in the present essay, by citing suitable examples of work done by visually impaired persons in different spheres. In this context, firstly, we shall like to make a mention of the administrative field. Not only in our own country, India, but in the entire world, many visually impaired persons are holding high administrative positions. Among them, generally, officers have been considered very efficient and successful from the administrative standpoint. In India, prominent among visually impaired officers who have made a mark forthemselves in administration, are: Late Lal Advani (Welfare Department, Government of India), Mr. A. K. Mittal (former Director, N.I.V.H. Dehradun and Chennai), Mr. Ravi Arora, I.A.S. (Post and Telegraph Department, Government of India) and Mrs. Anuradha Mohit (Director, N.I.V.H. Dehradun). The visually impaired are performing senior administrative Responsibilities in quite large numbers, in foreign countries as well. Here, as an example, the name of Mr. Henry Faucet can be mentioned. Mr. Faucet has adorned the high post of Postmaster-General in England.
Throughout the world, the visually impaired have created many new records in the social sphere. Among them, top of the list are the names of Late Louis Braille and Miss. Helen Keller. Louis Braille and Miss. Helen Keller first invented the script and the type writer machine, respectively for the visually impaired; thereafter they made phenomenal contributions in the field of social service. In the present times, outside India, the President of the World Blind Union, William Rowland, Ahmed Allouzi, Mr. Saadnoor, Mr. Khalik etc. are active. In India, Messrs. Jawahar Lal Kaul, M. K. Rastogi, Rajendra T. Vyas, S. K. Rungta, Late E. M. Johnson, Bhaskarbhai Mehta, Mrs. Manjula Rath etc. are among many visually impaired persons who have distinguished themselves because of their activities in the social sphere.
The visually impaired have made distinct mark for themselves throughout the world in the political sphere as well. The prestigious office of the Minister of Education in Egypt is adorned by a visually impaired person, named Mr. Hassan. In India, Late Yamuna Prasad Shastri, Mr. Sadhan Chand have been distinguished parliamentarians.
Endless is the contribution of the visually impaired in the field of literature, arts and culture. In the field of literature, the contribution of the great poets like Homer, Milton and Surdas has continued to remain a precious treasure in world literature from ancient times onwards. At present also, many visually impaired writers-poets are famous for their high level of creativity. Punjabi language writers Dr. S. Tarsem and Kripal SinghKassel are extremely popular among punjabi language readers. Mr. Kassel has, in fact, won many awards in the field of writing. Mr. Rambhadryacharya is highly praised forhis writings in Sanskrit language.
Mr. Ravindra Jain, Mumbai, has been well-known for his melodious musical compositions in the field of music. Mr. Jain is also the writer of over hundred commendable songs. The celebrated dancer of the South Indian Karnataka style, Buse Gowda, is also visually impaired. He is the recipient of many awards in the field of dance. In the field of Karnataka vocal and instrumental music, Mr. Mohan Chandran Shekharan is especially gifted in playing Violin,hasworked as an accompanist for India's leading music composers andhas given many commendable concerts in foreign countries as well.
The visually impaired scholars have a distinct presence and visibility in the field of education. They are engaged in almost all disciplines ofknowledge and are liberally distributing the treasure of knowledge. It is not possible to make a mention of all visually impaired scholars in this brief essay, yet it seems necessary to indicate a few names to underscore their importance. In India itself , Dr. Anil Aneja and Dr. Shivjatan Thakur have made a good reputation for themselves as Professors of English in Delhi and PatnaUniversities respectively. Dr. Thakur has given shining examples of his efficiency as a full member andacting Chairman of Bihar Public Service Commission. Dr. Ved Prakash Verma has been the Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy in DelhiUniversity. Dr. Surendra Sangwan has successfully discharged the responsibilities of the Professor and Dean of the HumanitiesFaculty. A visually impaired lady, Dr. Sushma Aggarwal, is, actually, working as a Professor of the difficult subject of Mathematics and is performing this role very well.
Some visually impaired persons have achieved notable successes in the field of journalism. It would be relevant to make a mention of L. Subraniam working in the famous newspaper, Deccan Herald. Not just that, many visuallyimpaired men and women have been performing active roles in the judicial field as well. Dr. Shirish Deshpande is, today, India's celebrated jurist. Many visually impaired people are occupying important positions in the judicial service abroad.
The economic sphere has also not been outside the reach of the visually impaired. In the industrial sector, Mr. Pichumani and Mr. Deepak Narendra Motiwala, in the fieldof commerce, have earned special name for themselves. Mr. Dilip Loyankaof Kolkata, is not only an entrepreneur, but also holds an important place in Accountancy.
A number of visually impaired individuals are working in the banking sector. In this context, it would be relevant to refer to a lady Bank Manager, Nafisa Parvez. The visually impaired have been more independent than ever before in tourism also. Their contribution has been commendable in sports too. They are displaying their capabilities in astrology and astronomy as well. Today, a visually impaired lady from Gujrat, Mrs. Madhuri Desai, is a renowned astrologer.
Thus, it is clear from the above examples that the visually impaired are second to none, in the present age of Science.


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