Otsuki Award (Japan)
Going to School by Bus
6th Year, Elementary School, Ibaraki Prefectural School for the Blind
Keigo Nagai(11 years oldˇmale)
Photo:Keigo Nagai

I go to school alone with a white cane almost everyday on weekdays. I use bus to go to school.
Formerly I went to school together with my father or mother. Starting this year, I started to go to school alone.
What bothers me most in my going to school by bus is rainy days. As I walk with a cane, the rainwater gradually increases the weight of the cane, and that makes me lean more forward as I walk. Now I can walk more straight than before, but I hope I can walk completely straight up.
When I am on a bus, many people talk to me.
For example, the other day the door of the bus didn’t close. So the bus didn’t start for a while. A person next to me explained the situation to me. I felt very uneasy, wondering what happened, because the bus didn’t start to move. So I was very happy that he explained to me. I also feel safe and secure as the driver always talks to me.
As I have a white cane, a certain elementary school student often talked to me and asked questions. He somehow stopped asking questions, so I don’t care about it any more. I thought he understood and accepted me.
There are also some kind people trying to help me do what I myself can do alone. When that happens, I think I do myself what I can do alone, rather than turning to and depending on those helping people too much. However, I am very happy when they talk to me. So I try not to forget to express my thanks to them. I hope I have the courage to depend on others about what I cannot do alone and the courage to say no to them.
Now I walk alone only in my way to and back from school. In the future, I hope I will be able to go to elsewhere other than school alone.


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