EBU(Junior Group) Fine Work
Sixpack by Till Zipprig
Male, 12 years of age, Germany, (15, Male)

Hi Louis,

Though you are whole 195 years older than me, we still have something in common. In particular my birthday is on the same day like yours. Maybe this is the reason why I always like to learn new Braille signs. Maybe it is why, that it is so fascinating for me, that we only need six dots to read and write, whereas the regular print requires straight and slanting lines, half and full circles and sometimes even dots. Not to mention the utterly different writing of small and capital letters.

Like a cook, who always composes new and delicious dishes with his ingredients, we are able to form letters, punctuation marks, numbers and notes with our tiny six dots. And not only that, we even have a cryptography which allows us to write a word with one or two signs. A person who writes in contracted Braille, is much faster in writing then his sighted counterpart. That is genial and practical, if you consider all valid rules, otherwise you may create some weird words. If I try to imagine, how the Chinese Braille may look like, where the intonation of words plays a big role in relation to their meaning, I believe in the first moment, that it must be quite tough to interpret the letters in the correct way. In the next moment I feel like laughing, since for many sighted my Braille print must be a big mystery as well. But if I explain them the main principles of your invention, they can easily read a few short words. It does not have to be immediately a difficult word like Donau steam navigation captain. Once the count of Zeppelin said: „Want and Believe in it and you will succeed”. I believe this maxim also counts for learning Braille.

A lot has happened during the last 200 years, after your great invention, which probably might be incredible and hard to imagine for you. We can go by car, train or bicycle, we can talk on the phone with others living all other the world and we can everything we want to know, research and find in the Internet. Many changes, but your invention is still being used and has even been further enhanced. Since the 64 possible signs weren’t sufficient anymore, the system was complemented by two new dots. Now we can write four times more signs then before. Even schools and celebrations are carrying you and your inventions name. Though new signs have been added, new Braille alphabets in various languages have been designed, new special signs have been established, still the origin of all these new signs is your famous and extraordinary Braille alphabet. And particularly this idea, your invention, was really great. Or how we would say colloquially: “thumb up, like!”.

Many thanks and greetings from Stuttgart


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