ABU(Junior Group) Fine Work
Mastora Alzoqri Yemen (20, Male)

Disable people are  generally the most category who should be taken care of in any society. And that society should give them a special care , psychological preparation and educational training because of what have of unlimited powers and creative talents in arts , science and production. Mostly , they have been accused of being negative members in communities by those who are in charge. Those responsible people consider disable people unproductive without any abilities and skills. In this article , I will discuss the blind people category only , I am trying to express the suffering and needs and concluding it with some humble recommendations that if being applied would decrease blind people sufferings a lot by giving evidence of my own true experience of that suffering during my whole life since my birth till this moment of writing this article …
We are living in the second half of the 21st  century which I  called the era of knowledge , technology , and technical revolution. This rapid revolution has overwhelmed all aspects of life. And as long as we are living during the same period having all the benefits , it is fair not to deny the good technology and the efforts of its great scientists who never kept any invention  or techniques that helped blind people and made their life easier by making blind people 's relations more interactive and affiliated .

Braille technique of reading and writing is the mother revolutionary tool for the blind people. Braille is dots codes of letters and numbers consists of six dots numbered from one to six giving signals of guidelines for the blind people to read and understand any texts. What is especial about this technique is its  usage and learning simplicity that's why we call it mother tool because if its importance and to what extend other techniques depend on it. Braille is a spoken and written in Arabic and English which can be connected by the Internet that enabled blind people to participate in the social media. What is good about the Internet is the digital ring which has a modern camera with strong processor capable of taking photos of anything pointed by the blind's finger , analyze these photos and translate these things into sound heard by headphone. Also , this ring can recognize and read currencies ,bills ,and obstacles in streets …etc. This ring was invented in an American institute but it is very expensive to be sold widely in markets.
In addition , scientists cared to find out a way for the blind people to walk alone without company. So , they invented a smart stick especially designed for the blind people . that stick has a laser senses and ultrasound system to discover  obstacles , barriers ,  holes and stairs by giving sonic warnings and vibrations for the blind people in order to be ready facing a danger in their way; and giving instructions for the right directions to avoid danger just like normal people. This stick has proven its worthiness in increasing the reactions speed done by blind people such as walking safety and even jogging confidently faster than usual. This stick is available  in health centers , pharmacies and some organizations give it for free. Moreover , smart phones are one of the valuable techniques to the blind people by the programs and applications helping blind to call their friends and type SMS using Braille or sonic orders. And there are applications to translate any Braille text into  English that normal people can use to understand the blind people.
Even though technology has  been offering a lot for the blind people , but there is a huge gap between these techniques and who really deserve them. This gap is mostly finical that most techniques are expensive and hard to be reached and got benefits from especially  the poor societies. Also , there is a lack of applying the blind people rights whether  from the responsible international organizations or researchers as part of their responsibility to provide good health care , clothes , food , and good education . moreover  a responsibility of psychological support which is the most needed by blind people . Organizations should have their active and positive role by supporting studies and scientific researches that end up finding easy and affordable techniques  can be bought by all blind people in the third and poor world.
Researchers and scientists have a duty to offer easy , simple , and cheap techniques for all blind people of any finical level. We ( blind people) are waiting for an optical lens invention enable those who have shortage of sight to see clearer. And we are looking for a better and  brighter future with technologies and  modern techniques . we hope our dreams come true.
To conclude , here are the recommendations that hopefully taking in consideration ;

  1. Provide and supply modern devices and techniques  to all schools and institutes of blind people .
  2. Train blind people's teachers how to use those new techniques.
  3. Technical engineer should be hired in all schools and institutes of blind people.
  4. Build up an educational center in each institute with a full program to provide teachers with all modern teaching methods.
  5. Invent and adjust teaching methods to enable blind people to study scientific subjects such as Math and Physics easily and effectively.
  6. A commitment of countries and organizations to fully support all educational techniques of blind people and give them all the needed care to study well , to have jobs , and to live normally.
  7. High scientific efforts from the inventors to find more easier teaching  and learning techniques for the blind people .
  8. International companies should offer cheap and easy machines and devices to enable blind people to learn fast.


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