ABU(Senior group) Fine Work
“Future technology and your aspirations”.
Jakov Alexander Kyrgyzstan (32, Male)

There is one good sayin: “Aspiration is pure upward desire for excellence”. I completely agree with it, since the aspirations of creative and wise people made our technical progress possible. When I say “aspiration” I mean hopes, ambitions, fantasy and dreams of a man, which are to become true one day. Outstanding aspirations coming from outstanding people move technical progress forward. That is why, it is possible to say that everyone of us enjoys the results of somebody’s aspirations.

  • Herein, I would like to describe some of my aspirations and ideas, I have in mind, concerning modern technology  for the Blind.

1.  Modern High technology can be put at the service of the individuals with various kinds of disabilities. It is often the case, when a blind person needs a guide and a deaf person needs a signer to provide successful communication at various state and private institutions. Therefore, I think of a social communication centre working at both local and national levels to provide such communication. This center is to be organized like a call centre handling with a great number of telephone calls or written messages  from their special  clients and providing them wiht the real help. Thus, we have a kind of assisting mediator to provide effective social integration and to solve the problem of human factor, which is surely to occur during communication. 
2. the next idea is connected with traffic innovations. To help blind pedestrians to navigate while  crossing the roadways… I suggest that the area of about 2 squire metres approaching to the road surface is paved with special tactile and vibratory flooring. This will help produce  a kind of secure area and play for safety of visually-impaired and blind pedestrians. 
3. my next aspiration deals with some reading solutions and borrowed from modern interactive educative technology. There is special interactive device which can read decoded information from specially programmed books or posters. the graphic information there is hidden in the form of bar-code readable with the help of this device . If to adapt it to the needs of people with visual impairments, such device can be made in form of  a pencil or a thimble. It’s functions can be widened to  read any printed or hand-written text. In practice, it can be used to indentify various text, digital or graphic information.   
4. High technology industry can also simplify the life of blind and visually impaired professionals. Owing to our tremendous will power and technical progress, blind persons, today, are involved almost in all areas of scientific knowledge. There are some individuals who are  studying advanced mathematic. As far as I know, there are special calculators used in the study of advanced mathematics. Since usual talking calculators are not surprising to us now, why not to add speech to specialized ones to make them accessible for blind and visually-impaired users. It will enable them to participate in the same curriculum and benefit fully from the vast scientific base available.
5. have you ever thought of a new mechanized canine that could one day serve as a guide dog for a blind? Actually, robotics industry has been working on it for more than a decade. The new robotic models have been regularly altered and modified. The presently available model dog is provided with the kinect sensor allowing to navigate obstacles or stairs. It can also scamper up and down the stairs with more grace than it’s predecessors. The researchers are presently working on incorporating voice commands and adding GPS functions to provide it’s blind master with more accurate directions. all these attempts resemble me creating a technical clone of a real dog. I think that there are 2 big disadvantages about them. The first one is that a human being would never be able to clone a living creature in form of an inanimate object with all its abundant functions. Secondly, having a real, alife guide dog by your side means having a real faithful friend, which can save your life if needed. 
6.  we have already witnessed that blind and visually impaired individuals cherish more and more freedom and independence in their life. One of the most wonderful and hopeful aspirations of blind people is to design an automobile for blind drivers. I think that the practical use of this idea will be able to break many social prejudices about the blind and the blindness. Of course, at first,  it sounds incredible and foolish, especially to the sighted. Although, such models have been already worked out and successfully tested. Although, I hardly believe that the automobiles for the blind will be financially and legally available for blind drivers, at lest within the current century. However, there is one possible way of its effective use. It can be driven by specially trained blind racers at a kind of “Formula 1” competition. Who knows, maybe it will become popular in the future. 
7. it is especially difficult for a blind man to navigate while windy and rainy weather because of the produced natural noise.  I hope that one day there will be a special noise-insulating device to provide for secure and effective navigation. Perhaps, natural and technogeneous noises differ in their features and they can be isolated from each other. I speak about isolation because some of technogeneous noises are even helpful in navigation, such as traffic noise or man-made noise. Moreover, presently,  there are special noise-insulating devices available for intelligence service. Perhaps, it will be soon be available for massive technical industry. 
Having considered all the relevant information mentioned above, I would like to express my biggest down-to-earth aspiration. I would like all the available technology and the prospective technology for people with visual impairements to be affordable for the majority of the Blind on Earth, since almost all the abundant technology available nowadays is not affordable for a blind consumer with an everage income. 


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