ABU Otsuki Award
DR. SEEMA PAHUJA India (48, Female )

Birth of a human being always takes place in peace like any other natural creation.  Man is the most powerful being in the entire universe.  His intellectual capability is immense, his creative energy is limitless, his emotional manifestation is infinite.  The area of activity of other creature in the universe is almost defined and limited but the area of activity of a human being is beyond description and limitations.  From the study of the lifestyle of all other creatures, it is clearly brought out that every other creature is peace loving and satisfied with the fulfilment of their limited wants even though they may be considered very frightening due to their original natural condition.  It is the only human being who due to his abilities lead all other creatures and control them yet restive.

Now, therefore, question arises as to how original nature of human being which is essentially peace loving, can be revived?  There are no two opinions about the fact that as soon as peace is re-established in the nature of human being, there will be peace not only in the entire globe but in the entire nature.  The biggest evil which is responsible for disturbing peace is the temptation to collect and acquire.  Lord Shri Krishna, in Geeta which is one of the most popular epics of Hindus describe “(i) Kam (lust), (ii) Lalach (Greed), (iii) Krodh (Anger)) as the three greatest evils in the human beings which take them to the doors of hell.  Hence all these three evils are self destructive and therefore must be casted away. (i. Adhyay 16, Shalok 21). 

This dominating spirit is existent in the individuals, family, cast, community, Country and even in super powers which have taken on themselves the responsibility of establishing peace in the world. If every individual accepts and recognizes the principal of peaceful co-existence, human being will be able to live in peace and ensure peace in the entire creation like other creatures. 
If environmental consciousness is developed naturally in the human beings in accordance with the principle of “i. Atmaneva Preshaan Samacharet”, he will be able to control pollution and enjoy peace in natural course.

Modern quest for so called development has resulted into making human being slave of distortions.  He has converted clean water into dirty and polluted one, converted life giving air into deadly air, and converted life securing earth in to deadly earth.  Be it radicalism or terrorism or religious fundamentalism or gender bias, human made distortions are behind each of them.    Distorted mind of human being can never remain in peace and also cannot allow others to live in peace. I am again compelled to remember the teaching of Lord Krishna “Yoga Karmasu Kaushalam”.  If man is able to regulate and control his own deeds there will never be any disturbance or problem.  In this present world which is full of greed and temptations, regulation of mans’ behaviour is possible only by concentration on rightful deeds.  Today he is guided by his instinct of joining the maddening race of materialism and has become outward in his outlook in place of being intro word.  He even does not know as to what he has gain in this whole process?  He is engaged in the maddening race of acquiring another commodity after acquiring the first one and so on and is restlessly running in all directions to satisfy his limitless hunger of possessions.  That is why he does not get peace after reaching any landmark.  Peace is synonymous to self-restrained and regulation. It lies in giving and not in getting. The day when human being learn sharing instead of snatching, learn giving instead of acquiring, it would be possible to live in peace. 

The lust of power is yet another factor which has made the world restive and turbulent.      Power may be related to wealth, to the positions, acquisition of atomic power and possession of geographical boundaries or may be related to ideologies or sentiments.  Power always makes individuals, groups, caste, community and countries intoxicated and blind.  The reason for this is that every powerful individual or country aspire to become more powerful and thereby traps himself/itself into endless struggle, he does not want to let anything go out of his control.  His hunger to eat and acquire everything himself makes him very frightening and he not only goes away from other but even goes away from his own self.   This is how he becomes very dangerous and frightening in aloofness but he is not able to become loveable for any one.  This applies to everyone viz. from individual to countries.  If man wants to live in peace, it is possible only with everyone, by living with love and affection with everyone, and in partnership with each other.  It is not possible by living in isolation from others and in aloofness.    Man living in isolation can remain only a man and the peace is not possible until this man becomes a human being so that he may live and die for the good of all.

The mechanical life of this modern era has also taken the human being away from its culture and has pushed him towards distortions.  It is true that the present civilisation has provided many comforts and facilities through technologies but there is another part of this coin.  Today he is engulfed day and night in television, internet, social media which has resulted into his complete alienation from community life.   He has forgotten that the pleasure that can be derived from the company of living individuals, from remaining together, cannot be derived from facebook or twitter.  The feeling of mutuality which can be attained by talking to people around us, cannot be felt while interacting on email or Google.  The man should have made these technological developments as a boon by its proper utilization but in fact, he has made it a curse.  This is also one of the important reasons for restiveness and threats to peace.  In conclusion, it can be said that as they created the civilization based on the principles of “welfare of all and happiness for all” as well as created a humanist culture gradually, they are creating means to destroy the said civilization now. Destruction of these means is not necessary but what is necessary is to bring back this human being to introspection instead of permitting him to continue to join this maddening race of possessions:- Similarly, it is not required to curtail his intellectual capabilities but what is required is to balance these capabilities with emotions: it is also not required to relinquish the materialistic pleasures and possessions but what is required is to assimilate it  with spiritualism and its consumptions in proper quantity.  It is my firm belief that human being who is the owner of unprecedented, unparallel and limitless capabilities as well as powers, can impose self discipline and self regulation.  Thus, he can again make his environment and entire universe as well as his own consciousness peaceful while maintaining his developmental aspirations.  Undistorted mind alone   can enable him to achieve the highest level of his dignity.
In all civilization of the world, great epics have described long and big wars which were fought in the name of establishment of peace. In 20th century also two world wars were fought with the objects of establishing peace but these could not establish peace in the world.  Wars only spread hatred, competition, violence, crime, prejudice etc.  If peace is to be established,   it is possible only by accepting the principle of co-existence and equality of all.  The strongest weapon for establishment of peace is love.  That is why we believe in peaceful co-existence of every one. Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. describe the establishment of peace after war but there is also yet another path which does not accept the necessity of a war and that path is the feeling of “International brotherhood”.    Every unit be it United Nations and the smallest unit of an individual will have to accept and recognize the principal of partnership, equality and dignity and co-existence only then it would be possible to live in peace and our earth will again become beautiful than the heaven.  The first appeal of human being is to himself and thereafter to the entire community to live peacefully together only then the dream of “happiness for all can be made a reality”.


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