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The Opportunities, Joy and Development That Music Brings to My Life
Felicia Pui Jia Yin Malaysia 21 female

Music is a type of performing art present in many aspects of our lives such as theatre, television, movies, worship, holidays, celebrations, as well as government and military services. It plays a significant role in enlightening the lives of many beyond the borders of political, economic and social background. Music has the power to inspire innovation, self-motivation, independence, responsibility and empathy and opens up a world of infinite possibilities and positive solutions to individuals. The beauty of music can be appreciated by either listening to it, singing or playing a musical instrument. For me, the study of music is pleasureable and beneficial as it brings precious opportunities, unforgettable joy and meaningful development to my life.

The great opportunity that music can bring to my life is that I may be able to contribute to the creative economy. Investing in music education can prepare me for the 21st century workforce. The new economy has created more job opportunities for artistic careers and these jobs may grow faster and be on greater demand in the future. The rapid growth of creative industries will certainly help in generating the country's income as creative products often become the focus of attraction to tourists. For instance, music plays a vital role in preserving and displaying the uniqueness that exist in different cultures. Besides the ability to attract tourists from other countries, it also helps in promoting unity and deeper understanding among the nations. Music can be a lucrative industry in the fact that it provides entertainment to all walks of people.

In the social aspect, music provides me the opportunity to help enhance the lives of needy people. As an example, pursuing music education can enable me to obtain a qualification to teach the visually handicapped who are interested in music in the future. I am really passionate about teaching music as sharing my knowledge, feelings and perception about music with others brings much joy and satisfaction to me. Apart from being a music teacher, I may also hold a charity concert for the unfortunates, among whom are the disabled, orphans, poor and senior citizens who spend their lives in nursing homes. This will not only benefit the society, but in fact, it benefits me as I am given the chance to develop and polish my music talent and skill.

From a very young age I have experienced the endless joy that music brings into my life. Listening to music is one of my hobbies as it fills me with enthusiasm, fascination and enjoyment. Music has the power to do so much even to the extent of bringing up my mood when I am feeling down. It enables me to relax and unwind after a long and tiring day of carrying out difficult tasks. For instance, listening to soothing music after long hours of study allows me to regain energy and freshen my memory. Sometimes, listening to my favourite music can help relieve stress and reduce anxiety effectively. It allows me to relax my mind and put aside worries which are affecting my emotion.

Learning to play the piano is indeed fun and the music gives me the motivation to go on especially when I have mastered a piece I love. I get an incredible feeling of joy when I have my sister's company while playing music. Learning and playing music together with her is a privilege as we can share our music thoughts with each other. It is really amazing when playing the piano I am kept wide awake even when laziness and sleepiness overcome me. Listening to music while carrying out daily chores makes the tasks much lighter. All these examples prove that music is the source of joy in my life.

Music has brought tremendous development in many aspects of my life. First of all, it enables me to develop creative thinking. Having learnt and loved music several years ago, I am able to express myself through my own compositions. Creative thinking has brought much changes into my life as it allows me to explore new ideas and to think outside the box in solving problems. In other aspect, music also helps to improve my ability in working with people around me, thereby enabling me to work in teamwork.

In addition, playing music has a positive influence in developing my time management skill. Music education has taught me a valuable lesson of time management as I often have to set aside time for music practice. Furthermore, it helps me in improving my memorisation. As a music student with visual impairment, I have no choice but to play a music piece through memory. In short, music has contributed much in developing most of my essential skills that will enable me to become a better and successful person in future.

In conclusion, there is no downside but only fruitfulness in my journey through life together with music. The opportunities, joy and development that music brings to my life are undeniably great and these have transformed me into a happier and more optimistic person. I thank God for having given me the talent and deep interest in music which may help to pave the way towards achieving my ambition to be a music teacher or a musician. With patience, perseverance and a heart filled with hope, I will do my best in pursuing my music study and await the bright future that music can bring for me.


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