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The Opportunities, Joy and Development That Music Brings to My Life
Andrea Pui Jia Hui Malaysia 20 Female

Nearly everyone enjoys music and it does not matter whether you listen to it, you sing it, or you play a musical instrument. I myself have had a passion for music as a child so that I have developed my interest in music since young. Indeed, I loved listening to music while doing my work and even while sleeping.

I truly believe that learning music has many benefits as it can bring precious opportunities, endless joy and meaningful development into one's life. Something tells me that learning a musical instrument such as the piano will help me to become a piano teacher in the future. I feel that pursuing music studies will, in fact, open up a wide range of opportunities to me. Perhaps I could even consider opening up a music school as a business venture.

I have discovered that learning music for a vision-impaired person is quite different from those with normal eyesight. Knowledge of this has given me a better understanding of how to teach music to other vision-impaired persons.

If I have a successful music business and I can earn a very good income, then I will be able to live up to my social responsibilities and contribute to society. I would be able to support charitable causes like giving donations for the orphans and the disabled, provide scholarships to needy students who wish to continue their studies, and hold charity concerts in aid of those in need. I would be able to organise cultural exchange programmes and events in order to promote all the different cultures through music.

Indeed, I do find much joy in listening to music or in playing a musical instrument such as the piano. In fact, I started learning the piano when I was nine years old. As I play my favourite music on the piano, it helps me to relax my mind. It is so pleasureable listening to some soft music as I carry out my daily chores. Music can really lift up my spirit and fill me with happiness when I am down. Truly, I feel such a sense of joy and satisfaction when I am able to play and complete a music piece, thereby achieving a distinction for my examination. Most of all, I feel that my crowning success is when I am able to put up a music performance.

I have such a wonderful feeling when I am able to create or compose my own music pieces as a pianist. It gets even more interesting when I am able to work in a group to share our creativity, ideas and talents in coming up with new music pieces. Sometimes I would collaborate with my sister, who is also a talented pianist, in creating a piano piece. Working this way relieves me from stress, takes away all my troubles and worries, and gives meaning to my life.

Music has brought continuous development in many aspects of my life. Firstly, I need to pay full attention when playing a music piece either alone or in a group and this has trained me to concentrate on the task that I am doing. Music has also helped to improve my memory. As a blind person, I am not able to play a music piece while reading the music sheet. The only way is for me to memorise the piece before playing it. This has been a great help in my studies in which memorising is an important skill that helps me achieve results.

Learning music also teaches me how to work in a team. While I am able to contribute my ideas, I can also accept and respect ideas coming from other people. Moreover, I have learnt to divide the work equally amongst the members in a group in order to complete a group assignment.

Furthermore, I have learnt to manage my time more effectively. As a music student, I always need to set aside some time for piano practices.

More importantly, learning music has trained me to overcome nervousness, anxiety and fear. When I have to sit for my piano examinations, I need to remain calm so that I can play the piece confidently in front of the examiner.

Music has, therefore, helped me to be more confident in whatever I do. For instance, performing a music piece in a concert helps me to build self-confidence.

Last but not least, music helps me to be more creative in generating new ideas. This is because I need to be creative when I want to play a piece with more expression. This training has helped me to develop creative thinking in other areas of my life.

In conclusion, I personally feel that music has really beautified my life. It has made my life so meaningful and enjoyable. I am truly thankful and grateful to God for having endowed me with the talent of music. Indeed, as music is my passion, I hope that my ambition to be a pianist in the future will come to realisation.


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