ABU(Junior Group) Fine Work
Conqueror of dark
UAE NABA Alzaabi (25, Male)

The gift of sight is one of the greatest blessings that God has bestowed on human , as the loss of the same is also a grace of God given to those whom he chooses from his worshippers to test their patience and believes . When vision loss mingled with hope and ambition the light of knowledge and insight appear in the horizon. Loosing sight was never a barrier against seeking knowledge, or an obstacle on its way, but many of the visually impaired were able to integrate in education institutions and contribute to the large and small community issues.
I, have received education since I was infant , although I lost my eyesight gradually, but how was my studies? What are the difficulties that I faced in my educational life ? And how could I overcome all these obstacles? Was the integration experience successful by all standards? This is what I will state briefly.
My mother told that I lost my eyesight gradually since birth, my family had taken upon themselves the liability of my care and supervision of my medical treatment through the most skilled doctors inside and outside the country, and when I entered school , my family endeavored to enroll me in one of the public schools , so I started acquiring various of forms of science and knowledge and gained experience , which had soon formed my character and refined my being . My studies were went so smooth and easy in school through the efforts from my mother and teachers in my school and some of my friends, and if they were white stick that guides me to the right path.
The integration of disabled people in schools was not clear so my mother suffered explaining my illness to each school I attended guiding teachers about the ways to deal with me and provide them with reports that were explain my case to the school administration. I've been in the beginning, receiving my studies by keeping in heart and usually my mother used to teach my lessons at home, while in the intermediate school and at secondary level , I was trying to rely on myself and copying from the blackboard and recall my lessons myself, and while in high school I found it difficult to study and become dependent on others much , I started writing in big letters or even use magnifying glass, and during all and in each of these phases , I started climbing the stairs one by one and passed through the ladder of success step by step, I excel in all extra-curricular activities and school radio until I graduated from high school at a degree of 89% of the scientific section is superior to a lot of my peers who are non-disabled.
And when I went to university I started first in the College of Arts and Humanities, Department of English but I failed TOEFL , so had to change my specialty to the study of history and Islamic civilization.
I spent four years in my university moving like a butterfly acquiring extensive knowledge of successive regimes of history sipping the nectar of attitudes and experiences that I encounter. Here, I do not forget the role of the family at home and of my second family at the university represented in the management, staff and teachers as well as some girlfriends, who had demonstrated the role of the family in helping me in conservation and perform the duties, and the University tasks were composed of : the provision suitable learning climate to me, to provide a observers to supervise taking exams and in reading and writing to me the task , and my teachers did a great deal of compassion and humanity and familiar with the methods of dealing with the blind, I never overlook the role of my friends who helped me most of the time. Thereafter when the moment of coronation and harvest i.e. the graduation day I was graduated with honors, I felt so proud while I was receiving my degree from the owner of pride, culture and my father His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi, that was a memorial day in my life
My way towards success and excellence was not paved or full of flowers, but they encountered a lot of rocks and thorns. Some of these pitfalls and difficulties:
First: the desperate feelings from one period to another which soon disappear restoring confidence in myself again.
Second, some of the individual errors committed by the few people such as some friends refusing to hand me the school materials I needed, as it was some of the parameters of the conditioning forgo the school environment to suit my health, and jealousy may have had a prominent role in my suffering.
Third, the lack of specific means to me to overcome the disability, because I live far away from all these facilities.
The integration experience was and still lacks a lot of strategies and plans to activate properly, and these procedures for training and qualification of teachers and students on how to deal with people with disabilities in general and the blind in particular, and also the creation of the school environment and the classroom to suit all disabilities, in addition to providing everything necessary to overcome the difficulties of disabilities and enable them to engage in the community and then become successful by all standards.
In conclusion, loss of sight has never been an obstacle against high achievements and I would haven’t been successful and excellent in all areas without the presence of people around me encouraging me to continue to progress and reinforce of my self-confidence and without integration many of the disabled would haven’t be able live side by side with others realizing achievements, and offering the finest examples of loyalty to homeland giving the effort, and dedication to benefit, and generosity in giving with top determination.
I ask God, the help and blessing and success to all


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