ABU(Junior Group) Fine Work
If there are a chance and help, I can run normal life
Afghanistan Khan Bibi (23, Female )

Every human beingis facing facilities and problems/difficulties in the world but sometimes a person face a seriously difficulties that completely disturb his/her life but if he/she try and start struggle it can be possible to find the solution to have normal life.
When I was a child about 5 or 6 years old I was playing with other children normally we were swimming in the late spring and summer season which were very enjoyable, the age group were helping me and I had more than 30% of vision, due to lack health facilities and care my vision was decreasing but that time some medical staff or eye Doctors told my family, treat her eyes my family members were thinking that her treatment is not possible and not so important they were just taking care of my daily life by providing foods, clothes and etc. while I lost my sight gradually, my hardship lifestart.
That time staying at home feeling tension/depression to release from this I was listing music folk and Indian songs, sometime we were playing music it was good time passing for the time being.
I was 15 year s old while my family shifted from Khost province to capital city Kabul, after short time in Kabul I was missing my friends I wanted to meet to play with them but it was not possible because of long distance and unsecured situation then I was missing my friendsI was crying.
Actually I needed mobility and basic of Braille training to be prepare for literacy but that time we were not aware aboutthe Braille and mobility training, my family was thinking thatI have to stay at home for the rest of life, the AAB field workers made a survey and searching to find visually impaired where we were livingand this wastheir responsibilities to find the visually impaired to bring them to the courage area of AAB, so one of our neighbor informed them and they contact our family and met my father and we were agree and happy by receiving mobility and Braille basic training after completion in the second term of elections AAB (general assembly) I read poem and also I delivered speeches.
After that I was interested in AAB activities and became the trusted person for AAB they were inviting me in every related event, that time I felt new life and started thinking for improvement and the days of hardship, burden and neediness finished.
As I spend important schooling or learning time in Khost province without education now I am feeling inferiorly by passing that valuable time because I do not have formal documents to continue higher education just I got literacy training by the help of Braille with the cooperation of AAB field workers.
Although I am integrated in civil society and on the base of my talent at the age of 19 I was elected as a chair of Woman Committee if the AAB representatives were not helping me then it was clear that it would be not possible to get training and social integration just stayed at home.
It was very good for me that I have followed the idea of AAB field and social workers and thanks my family for their support and effort I continued the trainings as well education now I am independent, I have job, I am married and have normal with happy life.
I cordially request the Afghan families, society and Government to support facilitate person with visually impaired especially female children and avoid unnecessary restrictions, provide them their rights.


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