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Bardouni is great poet from Yemen
Yemen Mohammade Abdo Ajlan (28, Male)

Blind Person called Bardouni is great poet from Yemen .  
A author, poet, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Maqaleh said about him when he offers his one of collection of poems to introduce him. (How does the drinker present the rivers and the beach present the sea).The poet Bardouni recover from smallpox resulting loss of his eyes, so he lives a blind in all his life and his character occupies researchers and scholars through outstanding experience in poem even it has called his experience Bardouni method is Bardouni school.
A poet Professor Abdullah Saleh Hassan alshahaf Bardouni born in the province of Dhamar and he has joined rebellious masses to rebel Imam Yahya Hamid was convicted of Yemen, who ruled in the first half of the last century. His participation in the revolution with enthusiastic poems have resulted to entering prison by order of Imam Ahmad bin Yahya Hamid al-Din in 1948.
Mr. Abdullah Bardouni was not only a poet but he was a teacher , critic literary andencyclopedic writer
The most important of his works :-.
- Travel in the Green days .  
- Republican Yemen .  
- To my eyes of mother Balqiss .  
- Trip in the Yemeni poem ancient and modern .  
- A Yemeni issues .
The most important awards:-.
- Fourth Jerash Festival in Jordan Award .
- Abu Tammam Festival in Mosul in Iraq .  
- The insignia of Arts and Literature Aden .  
- The insignia of Arts and Literature Sanaa .  
- United Nations issued a silver coin with a picture of the writer Bardouni in his honor and in recognition of his contributions.
His collection of poems.
Mr. Abdullah Bardouni issued ten poems .
- From the Balqes land.
- The city of tomorrow .
- To my eyes of mother Balqis .  
- Travel in the Green days.  
- other objects of nostalgia.  
- Faces in Mirrors of Night .  
- Time without quality .  
- Translation of sandy for dust wedding .  
- RUAG lamps .
- Answer Ages .  
– Return Son Zayed al-Hakim .  
- In the way of Dawn .  
His topics of poem and his renews.
It dominated his poem of souls of native and romantic, his ideas inspired by the philosopher Fabil and took the political outlook of things and the situation in Yemen overwhelm his poem. We also find old topics in Arabic poetry found in his poem such as lament, praise and romantic that was the last in a simplicity.
As Mr. Abdullah Bardouni was renew where he mixes between romance and realism. He makes them alive in spirit and music which it was strange to human commoner. There are the depth and imagination what it captivates intellectual prudent. Also he expressed subtly above all in struggle of ideas and particularly political ones including narrative style simplicity sophisticated in music as it was cynical critic to treat social and political phenomena. power , parties, and society. However, his picture had a non-traditional and innovative reverse Abu Tammam is an Arab poet of the Abbasid era, such as saying :-.  
What I spoken about Sanaa Oh, Daddy *** its beautiful for their lovers tuberculosis and scabies.  
It is the national poetry immortal poem opera opening lines;-
Awakened to dawn on boy day ...A desire a wakening singsong .
Do you know what happened, oh the sun ... we overcome the darkness in hiding dawn.
Learned Lessons from the life of Bardouni .  
1- Mr. Abdullah Bardouni poet was born and spent his early childhood in a rural village ruled by the tribe, which they see in blind persons( lost sight) not useful.
2. Education was at that time limited to teaching Holy Quran, simple of the account and the Arabic language and this was type of education.
3- Rulers request him to praise them ,so he gave what they wanted, but not at the expense of its principles and bias of the hardworking of his own people account. And he enter palaces and prisons came down it was all in the nose, pride and love.
4-He was a strong will, determination solid and work , he did not know the tireless and perseverance, he didn’t to share the boredom.
5-He was not enough only knew of the poem styles, but he was renew, innovated and creativity therefore he has had a strong impact on Yemen and the Gulf of Poets.
6-A poet Abdullah Bardouni is specimen of challenge in the right of the blind man and his insistence on the challenge , excellence and creativity.
7. While he passed away and left our lives and our world, he did not know that the blind people have lost flag for as long as top heights in the sky of glory but it was consolation blind in Yemen they did not cry but they went to its soil, native trees of coffee as well as lovers of art and the pioneers of the idea prevalent in that time despite the lack of specific means to help him and study the movement but he overcome the study phase of the solar school in Dhamar. And he won awards and honors for the superiority of his imagination and his memory of heard of narraw. It had inherited the Crown thought in the poetry of writer Bardouni, it impact forces and tyrannical rule where the use of popular proverbs and legends. The giant poet was also able to use historical story in better employment.
The most beautiful poems of Bardouni, it is poem entitled philosophy of surgeon quoted:- .
متألم من ما انا متألم ...حار السؤال و أطرق المستفهم .
ماذا أحس آه وحزني بعضه ... يشكو فأعرفه وبعضه مبهم .
بما علمت من الأسى ادامي ... من حرقة الأعماق مالا أعلم.
ِِAll in all , the poet Bardouni has wonderful poem entitled message to Abu Tammam. The poet Bardouni has left his imprint in many fields is considered an example of creativity and struggle.
He makes community respecting and admiring of the abilities of blind people.


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