ABU(Senior group) Fine Work
Is variety between society and nations the reason for disputes or the progess?
Turkmenistan Arrykova Gurbanbike (48, Female)

Everything consists of parts, therefore everything has the structure. Society, so called community, entails many parts, as particalar various gropus of people, including marginalized ones. The social sturcture consists mainly of various groups of people and nations. People from the social structure are diversified by certain mentalities and characteristics. Actually, every person has its own role in the society and relevant lifestyle, applies human rights, and implements its obligations duties in the social life.
The significant role in the social structure belongs to the group of people with national feature. The national feature of the person is determined by his relation to the certain nationality or the nation. It is believed that at present times there are over 2000 nationalities and nations around the world.
There is no commonly accepted understanding of the “nation” term. However, it is common, that people with their own territory, mother tongue, culture, traditions, similar peculiar socio-economic lifestyle and national notion, especially with its own state are called the nation.
Even though there are a lot of nationalities and nations exceeding 2000 people, few of those nations has their own state.
There are around 200 states in the world. This means that population of many countries consists of various nationalities, i.e., there are representatives from various nations living in one country. In accordance with national structure, the population of countries is divided by national and multinational features. It is difficult to gain unity of several nationalities and nations living in the territory of one country, as well as to create a commonsense that all people live as one nation. Sometimes, various ethnic conflicts between national groups living in the territory of one country take place. Therefore, for multinational countries, the ethnic relations are the major issue in the state policy known as the national policy.The main purpose of that policy is to ensure coordination of national interests of various nationalities living in the country. It is known from the practice of the national policy, that the principle of the most favored nation, restriction of rights of other nations or infringement of their dignity may increase strained relations between various nations, be a reason for difficult to solve issues, and as a result create small or big tensions or war situations between nations.
For instance, there were 15 republics in the structure of the former USSR. All of hem were multinational republics.But the national policy of the soviet government wrongly conducted during many years became the reason for increasing various ethnic conflicts in 80s in several places of the country. Serious ethnic conflicts in 1986 between Russians and Kazakh in Alma-ata city, Kazakhstan, in 1987 between Armenians and Azerbaijani in Sumgait city, Azerbaijan, in 1988 between Georgians and Abkhazians in Abkhazia, Georgian territory, in 1989 between Uzbek and Meshetin Turks living from long time ago in the Fergana city, Uzbekistan. These conflicts were turned to bloody wars which killed many innocent people, including women, young children and elderly people. The main reason of such kind of conflicts is related to the territorial issues.
One of the main conditions of ensuring friendly relations between people living in the multinational environment is the positive culture in inter-ethnic relations. The basis of such a culture is equal rights for all nations, equal benefits for all nations, necessity to respect each other.
It is a human nature that every person loves his nation, culture and traditions in comparison with those of other nations. But if the person expresses hatred to culture and traditions of other nations, then this is considered as the nationalism.
As conclusion, it is necessary to conduct a right policy in every country, in every state or between nations. In order to avoid above-mentioned conflicts it is important to conduct a right policy on keeping in peace a multinational society, and as they say in Turkmen “support each other and God will support you”, and on the basis of this it is necessary to broaden ethnic and strengthen economic relations and ensure progress in the future. Therefore, the main strategy of friendship and development is to conduct a right policy in those countries and nations. The variety of society and nations is not the reason for conflicts but the postulate for the progress, friendship, brotherhood relations and being united.


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