“The power of letters from their fingertips”
Author Kaoru Tamaoka

The most significant achievement in various tools created by humans is letters. By expressing as letters, people can communicate an insensible world to others. I fully realized the big significance of it this time again.
Although letters are not visible, I felt their tremendous experience and feelings through small Braille to touch their fingertips.

When I read these essays, I establish 5 viewpoints.
1. Deep emotion
2. Surprising impression
3. Sympathy to appeal the truth to the heart
4. Publicity skill
Finally, in light of essay,
5. Representation and technique
I suppose all the participants usually read many books and undergo training for writing skills. The techniques of expression bear comparison with each other, so it is significant that the essays were evaluated in terms of content, viewpoint and sensibility.
In Senior Group, the essay by Yuko Yamamoto “Speak with Braille” was rated highly among the members of the Selection Committee.
Her essay was written with a light touch, although she has progressive disease.
The most important is their vivid conversation. I could almost see the exchange of writing with the hollow of the hand and felt their warmth. The essay by Kazuko Nakamura “Braille is letters that reflect your mind” was colorful, although only letters. She never forgets to take care with her clothes, regardless of her disability. This struck a chord with the members.
The essay by Shoko Uechi “The way of my aim” was evaluated in terms of young spirit and decision.
In Student Group, the essay by Haruka Okubo “A chance” was selected as Excellent Work. This essay frankly described the feeling of the author rejected to have a white cane that gradually began to change with the supporting of her family.
It also has the power to promote surroundings and society.
The essay by Chizuko Ishii “Touching Braille” described the heartwarming friendship through Braille. It also has exciting publicity concepts.
In Supporting Group, there were so many superior essays. Therefore, it was very difficult to choose the winner. Anyway I take off my hat to the content of their activity. After our discussion, the essay by Rika Sekiba “The challenge for making the Hundred Poems by one Hundred Poets by Braille” was estimated by the idea of creating an opportunity to compete with sighted people. Of course, the essay by Chiaki Shiba “First Job in WITH” was wonderful, too. By typing Braille on a business card, he produces work for a disabled person and promotes the use of Braille to society. In the essay by Kei Nakayama “Under the guidance of my uncle,” I admired the description in which all translated books become interesting through publication of Braille. The essay by Chikako Kajikawa “To want to be a supporter who can share with visually challenged people” described the importance of change in attitudes and suggests that we can help with them.
In closing, I would like to send my compliments to all the participants who had a facile pen.
I hope these essays are widely read and become an opportunity to appeal to the public.


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