EBU (Senior Group) Fine Work
Life with Braille
Blerina Shalari (30, Female)

Braille is not anordinary eye. Braille does not hate. Braille does not help you to have angry looks. But, Braille only shows you one right path, that of the life without barriers, without conditional support and without limits.
Using braille, you dream a world without walls. Using Braille, you maybecome a poet, you may love, you maythrow down the pentagram being able to write with the lines of the points, that isa pentagram.Using Braille the real and the sleek face, that ofthe solidarwho does not think of anyone else than of himself, is showed up.
Using braille, my vote can not be changed; my path to the roof, neither to the skyscraper nor to the most distant plane is ever interrupted. The braille is a plane that I use to walk on the earth. The braille is a world composed of 6 continents which shows me the real world. The braille marks also on the touchscreen, where everything becomes possible, and perhaps the touching of braille hasachieved the computer, such asto make all the people become together in an irresistible journey towards to the unknown. While writing in Braille, the eyes go down to the fingers, our toes climb to the heart, and I , meaning all of us, feel, write, think, sing and love. Braille, such a lightful and colorful writing, full of mystery for the others but full of light for our fingers.Braille makes possible for us to write as we could really see; it makes us read as we could really distinguish the colors; it makes us feel for a while as we were real painters eventhough withoutknowing any vision or refraction of the light.
So, we are luckyto see as much differently as equally to the others; to understand the colours by touching;to awakeour imagination on them, and finally, to preserve in our minds the unknown and undecoded colorite of the world beyond us. Braille has become the postman pigeon, as well.Using Braille I have been able to send letters and postcards all over the world,which have been read even by sighted people, who know braille writing and who help others to learn it.
Through Braille I have been introduced to the Holy Bible, Beethoven and Mozart and I feel powerful being part of the music, science and technology. Braille, being true in itself, furthermore being the most truthful and the clearest among all other scripts, is not easy to be just a virtual one. This is because Braille is faithful to its own traces, as well as faithful to the strong marks it leaves through the time, since it actually does exist for more than a century and nothing else than the passed time shows this better.
I would like Braille, as being a sharp eye, be used even at the surface of the coins; I would like to find it even there, closer to my home;I would like to find it everywhere because more present it is in my life, much more I do realize that peopleaccept me, they love me and they are with me through the difficult path that I have forward.
Braille is the God of the book; it is the God of my original identity. It does not believe to anyone except my own fingers which through sweetly carefully touches make itspeak and tell everything to the others, to everyone else.Thanks to Braille, I have become aware of my body shape; I have recognized my hand’s relieve which I do need so much to be able to run through the paths of my life. This tiny map with 6 continents, pass me through the entire unknown quickly, just in an instant moment and makes me discover the whole.
Braille provides me the opportunity to have a special way of looking at life which is so hardly impossibleto be experienced by the others, the sighted people. It does also enables me to write and sing, to embroider my own life and to perpetuate myselfin so many different ways. Braille makes me keep secrets and codes that nobodyelse knows what they are about. If the streets of the world were marked on Braille, I would be able towalk through all ofthem just by myself, to pass through them one by one, and I would say: "Yes, I do see!", and then I would not stop anywhere.
If the braille was known by all, I would be understood by everyone, because Braille is that six-points which unites all languages in a single one, which I would like to call: the language of the internal eye.Actually, this is the way how all people should speak, internally and spiritually.
Maybe if they would knew Braille, it would teach them how. The Braille’s traceson the paper are the most visible, pronounced and experienced among everything else. This universal language has make me to write poetries, to write music and furthermore to experience universal feelings. Who knows, perhaps using Braille the imagination runs towards other planets, which are not yet undiscovered. Braille that looks like a big artery which comes from our hearts and goes to the others, keeps within many philosophies and many meanings which we may not be able to explain them all, because we are not as much perfect as Braille. Braille,while being on the paper,waves like a sea andtakes a lot of our life, but as well it doesbring luck to it.
What could I be without Braille?How could I write these lines and many other beautiful things? How could I keep my memories? How would I perpetuate them without Braille? Therefore, Braille is the most infallible memory, the most confidential and sensitive one, which runs from our fingers and finds shelter in our souls.
Quite simply, just with six points, six codes that become symbols, it touches our lives and enriches it by revealing out the treasures one by one and bringing to our fingers for us to enjoy them. That is, Braille can never hide us the treasures of the music, of the books as well as of our internal appearance. It does hide these only to those who do notunderstand it, those who do not know us and those who consider us different: We, who can see through Braille which brought up us as persons and as open minded people.
To all of them, I do loudly acknowledge with whom and where I will go far away: with the Braille writing, as it is the eye that looks at everything!


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