ABU(Junior Group) Fine Work
Gathering blinds with community
Ibrahim Mohammed Mohammed Almunify(20,Male)

We often make mistakes, when we try to answer the questions of this kind , regardless to taking intothe nature of the disability and its impact on the rest of the aspects of psychological and behavioral trends for the blind, therefore we need before it can be to inspire full privacy to deal with the blind because of visual impairment suffering from severe mental disorders as a result of feeling of inability to move freely and his inability to control his environment . And he makes in himselfstruggling foots and sizes to get attention of the sighted personsor it has resort to the kinds of tricks that feeling it had helped to escape from this worried mental state either that exhibits compensatory behavior, defying inability trying to integrate into the world of sighted persons, so he faces a negative trends of the family, teachers and comrades as a result of their understanding of a minor weakness in their ability to interact with the blind becomes in this case in dire need of acceptance or that resorting to retire and retract to his limited world.
He becomesin this caseinan urgent needtotake care andsafe to livevisually impairedinmultiple types ofconflict, a conflictbetween the enjoyment oflife's pleasuresorreclusionrequestfor safety anddefend on theindependencewithout the interferenceof others, but insidehe feelshereally needtocare andhelpothers.
In 1981 in blind curriculum in school talk about it that says blindness changing the mental life of the individual at whole and what happened this situation get frustration early more than the need to re-organize the biggest. And after this rehabilitation psychologically I had grabbed a rope for I can answer the question while I discuss often my friends ,blinds, in it. Do you oppose gatherings blinds with them into society, although there are places and clubs to meet blinds. Did you consider these places and others of manifestations of resistance tomerge or the Blind has privacy in the movement and how they interact through them with the community. This does not mean that blind people isolated from society by nature or they are strange beings, but it is society that did not understand. However Blind people understand the problems of the community and interact with it naturally, whereas, the communitywhich it treat blind special treatment which it suggests to him contempt for his abilities and lack of respect forhis privacies and differences in the natural that approved by the Article No. (3), paragraph 4 of the International Convention for persons with disabilities stipulates as , "Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disability as part of human diversity and the natural human " Thus, this theoretical system may not end easily, but it is right from my point of view is not in one of two theories. we shall not stay in jail of walls, our four kinds of disabilities, under the pretext of privacy or control over the course of the reality around us and it claimed that we are dealing with closed reality in fullfreedom is no justification for all this extremism and tendency toward isolation.
The community may be hasfaults in understanding .it maybe the blind special group and their numbers are limited in community. It maybe that we participated in things orother in this negative view towards the blind. It must to go to community to announce our cooperating and integral.

The most important weapon to achieve this it is education, training and qualification so that we can affect them , they are affected us , take and give each other. Onother hand we should not push blind to non-qualified place and throw him/her in a large community controlled day culture everything moving dispense careful in reading quick programs and plays for the article to be considered caricature to should not pay it without training or rehabilitation prior to him firstly and the environment in which theyembraced secondly. The reader might think that I go away a lot on the subject. And that's not true and this qualification is very important to answer the question that occupiesa lot of people, so I think that gathering blinds do not conflict with the merge, but it is assistant important to integrate more heavily on only continue those gatherings in the form of closed-door that do not open with community andany social activities. Anyway Those gatherings are more positives, Iremind you some, including: -
1 - they contribute to output of the blind of isolation that may have been superimposed by his family and brought with him the act that I talked about previously because of the lack of acceptance of him as part of the family and considered to contribute to an important step in terms of the gradient if that interaction, re-conditioning and stay away from the culture on the psyche of the blind be the biggest chances when the surrounding community of the same share his disability or they understand it.
2 - blind concentrations are considered in a chance to brainstorm and discover some of the experiences of those who have crossed their problems with success and achievements in the field of human community, including the merger of these examples make real referred impressive and defended for the rest of the blind in the integration possible.
3 - the blind is human and human beings his nature tends to interact with the community, but the blind post psychological not to mention which might prevent him from that interaction, but it remains prone to interaction and integration with the community which is such gatherings create a situation of competition between the blind in achieving integration, which makes these gatherings environment stimulatory to integrate does not oppose. Thus gatherings blind itself is one of the images merge from my point of view, which is a first step towards the integration of a broader and all what should be is that there are scientific studies is the neutrality and non-recognition in talking about such a thing is not true in any way that remains blind in pools of their own and do not go out to the community that they are not indispensable is no society in the rich from them is also one of the human potential that can be exploited and employed in the service of society. In all , it is not true that exaggerate we raised when we want to integrate the blind in the steps of a rapid and non- well thought does not respect the staging in the integration process, as well as the creation of the blind community and the identifier with all the requirements of a fair merger.


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