ABU(Junior Group) Fine Work
Right to work, labor market: what conditions were provided for coverage and accessibility of society for people with low vision?
Sharifjon Barotov(21, Male )

In September 9th 1991 Republic Tajikistan become an independent country. In November 1994 the Constitution of Republic Tajikistan was adopted. According the Article 1 of constitution of Republic Tajikistan the country is sovereign, democratic, law-based, secular and unitary state. Being social oriented state Tajikistan shall provide relevant living con is a social condition for every person. The article 17th of constitution of Republic Tajikistan provides about equality of all people. All people are equal before the law and the court of law. The state shall guarantee the rights and liberties for every person irrespective of his nationality, race, sex, language, religious beliefs, political persuasion, and knowledge, social and political status. Men and women have equal rights. The article 35th of Constitution states about right to work.Everyone have right to work, to choose profession, job, work protection and social protection during the employment. Wages for work shall not be less than the minimum wage.Any limitations shall be prohibited in labor relations. Equal wages shall be paid for the same work. Forced labor shall not be permitted, except in cases defined by law. Using women and children labor shall be prohibited in heavy and underground works and in harmful conditions. All above mentioned articles are the source of legal relations. However according the law and the constitution all citizens of Tajikistan can be equally employed but in reality it is not the same relating PwD (people with disability) and the current situations deserves much improvements. It still needs much improvements relating access to employment, provision of proper work accommodations for people with visual impairments and blind people. Employers cannot provide conditions for PwD based their specific need that is why in case if PwD will be employed they are provided zero conditions and job accommodations, facing many challenges. It should be also noted that while conducting job fairs that are organized and conducted by government it does not provide job places for PwD to say nothing about blind and people with visual impairment.
In Tajikistan nowadays the only place that can provide employment for blind and for people with visual impairment is Public organization of Blind of Republic Tajikistan.The given DPO-disable people organization is inherited from soviet period era which provides employment at its factories for its members and that is mostly exclusive rather than inclusive. Members of DPO are hidden in their factories, schools and kindergartens that make them more isolated and marginalized.
Nowadays Tajikistan is on the way of development and it would be good if employers would start thinking of providing proper working accommodations for blind and people with visual impairments alongside with the rest people with disability. It needs to note that work conditions should be provided both by use of improvised means as well as modern technology. Thus in order to meet above mentioned first of all awareness of society should be increased relating equal opportunity, rights and possibility of PwD. The mindsets of society as well as of PwD should be changes relating social models of disability, inclusion and mainstreaming.One aspect of the human rights-oriented concept of inclusion within the realm of development cooperation is Inclusive Education, which aims at inclusion of all children in general education as opposed to segregation and special schooling.
Not to invest in persons with disabilities is not affordable, neither economically nor anyhow else. Persons with impairments represent a resource whose neglect causes economic and overall societal damage.
PwD primarily should be empowered and enabled. PwD hold capacities, which contributed to their individual survival, they are experts on disability and their own issues and beyond that constitute a huge potential for the development of their countries.


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