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Blind community! Is it the opposite inclusive society?
Merdan Soyunov(36,Male )

Before answering this question whether the blind community opposed an inclusive society, let discuss the terms how we particularly understand the society of the blind and inclusive society. The following definition of the blind organization was adopted by the International Movement of the Blind.
Organization of the Blind - is a body representing of a significant number of members, the blind and visually impaired people. This organization has a steering group composed of blind and partially sighted people with majority of their voices and elected by all the members at regular intervals.
The main purpose of such public organizations is the protection of the rights and interests of its members, their social rehabilitation, involvement in work, culture and sport, social protection and development of the social activity. To achieve these goals, the community performs the following functions:
Identifies the visually impaired people with disability medical status of the first and second groups (soviet disability classification) and attracts them to become the members of public organizations. Maintains records of membership, develops various rehabilitation programs, organizes production and economic activity, and production trainings and vocational trainings. Carries out the ethical, cultural, aesthetic education and legal awareness, develops among its members physical activity and sport.
The initiators of establishing of the blind community were idealists with a desire to fight for achieving high goals. They sought to social integration and advocated for a new concept of public responsibility for the fate of the whole of all its citizens. Education should be a right, also applies to people who are blind, and should not be a charitable gift. Visually impaired should be recognized and must be treated as human beings, who have the capacity and capability, and are not as an object for pity.
The main purpose of the organization is to protect the blind and promote interests of blind and visually impaired people. The ultimate goal of the organization is full emancipation and social integration of blind and visually impaired people. This means that visually impaired people have the same rights and privileges and same responsibilities as other citizens, which are not the subject to the constraints defined by the visually imparity.
What does mean included or inclusive society? The basis of an inclusive society is an ideology that excludes any discrimination and that ensures equal treatment of all people and creates special conditions for people with disabilities and respond to special needs.
Therefore, the blind community cannot be opposed to the inclusive society. Development of an inclusive approach is considered by UNESCO, the OSCE and other international organizations as a priorityfor development of the national school systems, since the implementation of the rights of citizens with disabilities to receive quality education and social integration is an important factor for sustainable development of society. Education in inclusive schools allows children to acquire knowledge about human rights in practice, and this leads to decrease in discrimination, as children learn to communicate with each other, learn to recognize and distinguish the difference and respect each other despite any differences.
I would like to write about efforts of our government to support vulnerable population. At the initiative of our President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in September 2008, our country signed the Convention "On the Rights of Persons with Disabilities," and in September 2010, the Convention has been ratified. This is a significant action that proof the government takes cares of the people with disabilities and respects for their rights and dignity.
A great job is doing the Turkmen Society of the Blind and Deaf the development of an inclusive society for blind people
Per my opinion and based on my experience of the person with visually impairments I want to give examples of the full inclusive society which creates special conditions.
These are the following:
For people using a steak:
1. Sufficient seats, some of them are specially designed for the persons with visually impairments bled.
2. Not slippery surfaces
3. Having handrails
For people with visual impairments:
1. Large Font
2. Vivid contrast doors walls and other
3. All information on electronic media
4. Availability audio description in cinemas
5. Availability of information in Braille and on electronic media
6. Steps with drawing yellow or white lines
7. Passes freely
8. Having bumps on roads and at intersections
9. Money of different shapes and sizes.


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