WBU-NAC (Junior Group) Fine Work
Topic- How do you acquire braille and audio devices?
U.S.A. Tamer Zaid (20/Male)

The Other Side of Me

At a very young age, I was faced with the most difficult obstacle that any nine year old could be at the risk of facing. This obstacle that I am speaking of is being diagnosed with leukemia that brought on a number of complications for me that caused me to eventually lose my eyesight. My eyes were the most precious things that belonged to me, they enabled me to see and experience the world, but after my illness all of that was about to change forever.I was faced with a tremendous amount of stress, anger, and sadness, I felt like I was not able to do all the things that I once took for granted. It was very hard adjusting to the changes and the new environment that I was faced with; this was the new reality for me. I felt as if I was a newborn baby, having to learn and relearn many things that were essential for me to live and continue my life.

From the many things that I learned and I am really thankful and glad that I learned was braille. Braille saved my life; it has helped me in many ways over the past ten years of my life. It is now my way of communicating and expressing my feelings on paper. Braille is the universal language that connects me to all the blind around the world.

That is something that I truly appreciate knowing that Braille connects many people out there.

Learning braille made it possible for me to continue my schooling while being a successful student and earning my high school diploma, this is something that I thought was impossible for me to do as a blind kid. Learning braille allowed me to read books, something that I truly loved to do as a young boy. I will admit, it took a lot for me to learn braille; I had to practice and continue practicing until I became somewhat efficient at reading and writing braille. I also used braille to read music and learn the piano; I enjoyed doing that as a young boy. It was a way for me to escape reality and relive my childhood.

In junior high and high school, I used a Braille-Note Taker, which allowed me to complete all my daily assignments; I loved to take class notes on it.In addition, I was able to learn reading music in braille through the many courses offered at the Hadley School for the Blind. Among the many courses that I took at Hadley include Internet Basics.It taught me how to navigate web pages and use my email. I was taught how to use Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint, which really helped me with my schoolwork.Lastly, I obtained my skills in keeping my room clean, organized and tidy. I learned to use my braille labeler that allowed me to organize my clothes and paper work. I have always loved cleaning and helping out around the house as a kid, by having a labeler I was able to organize my stuff without asking for help from my family. I used it at home, in school, and on the go. It made my life accessible with choosing to use this amazing tool that I used all the time.

I am so glad and so grateful that I was able to learn the amazing language of braille. I owe all my success and talents to Braille, it has given me back my life, my goals and my aspirations as a young boy.

Braille made me realize what I wanted to do with my life. I want to become a court reporter, that way I can use my communication skills as well as the skills that I learned through Braille to become efficient at my job. I owe all my success to my wonderful mentors, teachers and professors that made Braille a possibility for me. I definitely benefited from learning this language. It made me a much stronger individual and gave me a tremendous amount of confidence. I hope and continue to believe that I can achieve my goal of becoming a court reporter, I will be faced with many obstacles through school, but I know as long as I have the skills that the braille language gave me I will be able to conquer the world. I will continue to work hard on myself, I will continue to use braille to achieve all my goals and be able to live through this world. Braille opened up the world of technology for me; I absolutely love using my technological devices to go through my daily tasks. Braille opened up a wonderful world for me full of opportunities and chances that have helped me make a place for myself in this world of drastic change and improvement.


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