Special Prize (for Elementary and Junior High School Students) (Japan)
You Know, Teacher
Taichi Hirabayashi [First Grade, Elementary School Division, Nagano Prefectural Matsumoto School for the Blind,age 7]

You know, teacher, I saw a toy banana made just like a real banana.
You know, teacher, it was fun playing word game with mother. It was more fun to type that in Perkins.
You know, teacher, my fly was open and I was embarrassed. I always forget to zip up my pants when I go to the bathroom.
You know, teacher, I really read aloud at home 16 times. My mouth is tired.
You know, teacher, boots of my sisterís doll is shaped like real boots.
You know, teacher, I was crossing over the fence and Ms. Matsuda came by. Sheís always around when I do a nasty thing. Boy, was I surprised.
You know, teacher, I made a sand mountain with Ms. Matsuda. Thereís treasure hidden in it. Donít tell anybody.
You know, teacher, lunch menu came. Iím happy because itís in braille. Iím happy because thereís my favorite menu. Iím happy because thereís seaweed rice. Ha ha ha, seaweed rice. Happy, happy, happy.
You know, teacher, arithmetic class was shorter. Itís our fault. Oh boy, Iíll do better next time.
You know, teacher, it was fun to explore school, wasnít it? Remember, Mr. Komatsu saw us riding the push cart. Itís a good thing we didnít get a scolding.
You know, teacher, I made Yomogi dumplings. I made one for you and one for dad. I made them big. It tasted of spring. I ate four.
You know, teacher, I was nervous at first-gradersí welcoming party. My heart went a hundred times faster. I did well when I said hello to everybody.
You know, teacher, I found a cockroach at cleaning time, but today I found a different bug. I wonder what that is. Letís keep it. I canít wait to see what itís going to be when itís grown up!
You know, teacher, I met first-graders from Asahimachi Elementary today. I played with them and the teacher thought I was lost. I was surprised because I didnít know I was lost.
You know, teacher, I climbed a tall tree with Taiga at the secret base in Asahimachi Elementary. I scratched myself with a twig and it hurt, but I was okay after 5 minutes. Everybody took me to the infirmary. Oh, I want to climb a tree again. I was surprised when Yuki said ďdonít go home.Ē Iím happy he thought that Iím his buddy. I have a new friend now!


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