EBU(Senior group) Fine Work
Lala, the marionette who doesn’t want to get dusty
Spain María del Mar Paredes Herrero (34/Female)

Lala is a small marionette, made of foam, dressed with a purple top, blue jeans, sneakers, her hair up in two plaits, each one tied with a hair band and a bow, her eyes are big and as blue as the sky, she has a mouth that goes from one ear to the other.Little Lala loves telling children’s stories, hearing children’s laughter, their applauses, their kisses and their hugs.

She felt full of life when she told a new story for the first time.

But now Lala looks sad, these huge blue eyes, this one-metre height, this smile from ear to ear seem smaller than ever, her owner, her great friend, the one who gave her voice and movement, cannot see letters filled with black ink anymore, her brown eyes, those eyes that were able to see so clearly for thirty-four years have died, giving way to a dark cold cloud.

She thinks that new stories have come to an end; that now only few of them will remain in the memory.

Now Lala is frightened by this box, her bed, kept on the top of a wardrobe, she thinks that it will never be opened again; she fears darkness, dust, oblivion.

Kala and Spyro, the small dogs in the house get all worked up, they are barking and running from one place to another over and over again, and they have waked Lala up, she doesn’t understand what is happening, she only hears voices and footsteps coming towards the wardrobe, she begins to notice how the door and her box lid open.She was overwhelmed with joy, it was Mar, her friend who was taking her in her arms again.

She put her on her lap and while she was combing her dark hair, she told her a secret.This secret was the most beautiful present she ever got, her box, her little box was not going to be a prison anymore, and her mouth was again going to be full of new stories and her ears full of laughter.Tears started to moisten her foamy arms, but they were not sad tears, don’t believe that, they were full of happiness, Mar, her voice, her friend, had found a hand to guide her, to teach her that letters are not only written with ink, but also with dots, dots she couldn’t understand in the beginning and which are beginning to make sense.

When she receives her new reading book, Mar feels like she was a child again and the teacher would explain to her that “m with a read ma”, now another teacher explains to her that dots 1,3 and 4 with dot 1 read ma.

This new language is called Braille, but Mar and Lala call it thank you.

Braille is a tactile reading and writing system, invented by Frenchman Louis Braille after he went blind during his childhood following an accident.

Over time, it has been spread so that people with blindness or severe vision problems could carry on enjoying the pleasures of reading a good story, a book or even writing their own adventures.

Since yesterday, little Lala has been anxious and excited because she can hear the Braille writing machine all the time and this can only mean one thing: a new children’s story is about to be created and it will have to be told.


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