EBU(Junior Group) Fine Work
United Dots of Brailled
The United Kingdum Alexia Sloane (11)

196 countries, 6909 languages but only one unique coded system of raised dots for reading and writing: Braille or the first digital form of writing.
For more than two hundred years, six magic dots have been touched by and have touched millions of lives.
There are seven wonders of the world and there is Braille: a wonder consisting of six tiny raised dots that sighted people will never know:
to touch words and to have them touch you back.
Braille unites
Braille inspires
Braille liberates
Braille educates.
My fingers are the sky and under them Perfect rows of buds emerge and prosper. The world rests on my lap Than ks to the brilliance of Braille and its master. Its endurance, elegance, universality and efficiency never cease to amaze me. Not only does the Braille code work in most, if not all, languages, with all their complexities but it can also be used in musical, mathematical and computer applications. And, despite passionate debates and disagreements over the variations and use of its codes, Braille has survived.

My two hands are gliding gracefully across the Braille display of my small Braille computer where the living memorial to Louis Braille lies.
Will I achieve my dream of becoming an interpreter? I feel confident that the united dots of Braille will enable me to do so even if some people argue technology could one day replace human interpreters. I am
convinced the advances of technology will undoubtedly enable the Braille code to go even further rather than undermine it and I am confident the dancing dots of Braille will remain united.
If only Louis Braille could have known in his lifetime the significance of his great gift to humankind and witnessed the interaction of Braille readers and users through electronic devices! He would have been astounded if he had realised the enormous success his invention became and that it would bear his name for eternity.
Like mine, I foresee the future of Braille as a single bright and busy future.
To Louis Braille and its unique united dots, all hail!


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