EBU(Senior group) Fine Work
How Braille Changed My Life
Montenegro Fadil Mucic (73/Male)

The fingers pass over numerous raised dots and the dots sing and whisper their stories. These are the stories about strength and duration, about pride and fervor.

Although almost 200 years old, they are still young and enthusiastic and always show their eternity and steadiness. They tell and sing, offer and give, joy and make happy.

They are not small dots any more, but beacons. There is no riddle or darkness in them. There is all clear and outspoken, odorous and passionate, to the very core of our lives, expressing the dropping tears or laughter.

No one can understand how much power and how many messages are there, how much basic existance and unavoidable clearness.

The dots follow each other in, at first glance, the unclear order and number, call and offer a different world to be reached by means of fingers, and enjoyed by means of heart and soul.

The light which escaped, was recognized by touch, and transformed its difference into dots, and they transformed it into an embroidery of thoughts and feelings, memorized for ever and given to eternity.

I feel them in my dreams and reality, rythmically pulsating, moving and constructing an impressive building of the life of a blind man.


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