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The Role Of Organisations For The Visually Impaired Persons Relating To Their Issues
Pakistan Zafar Mehmood Abbasi (20/Male)

In todayís world it is far more important to have some organization to forge a collective voice to raise an issue pertaining to a group of people characterized by any mark of distinction. People with visual impairment have a number of issues to face in their day to day life in a society. In order to put forward these issues before the government and the general public to find some lasting solution, the need for organizations dedicated to the people with visual impairment is far more important than the past. Life has become more convenient than the past but at the same time it has become more complex. In order to benefit from the conveniences of life and tackle the complexities of life the best platform for the persons with visual impairment is their own organizations.

Almost all the countries in the world have such organizations which are working to deliver the goods for the people with blindness. The problem is that there are organizations which are run by the people with other disabilities and some of them are run by the people who have nothing to do with the problems and challenges faced by the persons with visual disability. The negative outcome of this trend that the issues faced by the people with visual challenges are not properly highlighted and in the end blind people feel left in the lurch. Rather the problems and issues faced by the blind persons become more complicated if they are not appropriately advocated. Proper and productive advocacy of these issues can be done only by the organizations which are meant to work exclusively for the persons with visual disabilities, and better is that these organizations are staffed and led by the persons with visual impairment.

The best example to prove the argument of the utility of the organizations for the persons with visual impairment in Pakistan is Pakistan Association of the Blind-PAB, the oldest and most active in the country. The organization has several achievements to its credit successfully resolving the issues faced by the blind persons. How ever there are many issues which still need effective solutions and the PAB is still active on many fronts to get such issues settled. The better part is that organizations working for the blind people are operating at regional and even at global level. The net outcome of all this is the persons with visual impairment have an effective platform to communicate their issues, air their grievances and solve the problems they have to face.

The visually impaired persons are obliged to contribute to make such organizations a success story. There has to be a realization among the persons with visual disability that they themselves have to stand up for their issues. They can not depend on others who would toil and labour for the solution of their issues and problems. The best way forward for the persons with visual impairment is to coordinate among different organisations working for them. The important step in this regard is to chalk out agendas and the united platform to put forward the issues faced by the persons with visual disability. If the persons with visual impairment can not come up with their organizations then they would see a scenario where their problems would be even more difficult to resolve. We can learn from one anotherís experience to have a successful way-forward.
In Pakistan and other countries there are organizations working for the disable persons in various fields of life. Their work range from imparting education to giving training and lending expertise to earn livelihood in different fields of life. These organizations are run in partnership and joint ownership by the persons with visual disability and, other disabilities and people with no disability. The work of these organizations is certainly deserving all admiration and commendation, but in order to deliver more goods and pay more dividends such organizations have to be owned and led by the persons with visual disability themselves. Associations working in different sectors give an apt illustration as to how move forward on this front. In Pakistan as it has been already mentioned Pakistan Association of the Blind is an umbrella organization working primarily and exclusively for the people with disability. This example can be replicated in other countries as well. Even in Pakistan there are other organizations which are active in the field of giving education to the people with visual constraints. There are trusts and schools which are the source of receiving education in private sector apart from public sector institutions. What is needed that these institutions are staffed and led by the people with disability. A high profile case laned in Pakistanís supreme court, the highest judicial panel in the country few years back. The case was pertaining to the headmastership of the visually impaired persons. Previously according to law of the special education department a blind teacher could not assume the mantle of principal or headmaster working in a special education institution. Some persons with visual disability took the matter to the court where the court ruled in their favour thus not only enabling them to head some institution but also proclaiming faith in the ability of people with visual disability. Such incidents and examples prove the point that blind persons can lead an organization if they are given a chance. If somebody tries to thwart them by depriving them of such an opportunity, then they have the mettle to challenge to any such tendency whether in shape of some law, some institution or some individual. Now what is demanded from the people with visual disability is that they should get their act together and join hands to have their say in running their own affairs. The general public will realize the leadership quality in the persons with visual disability only when they will take the initiative. By doing this they would be able to resolve their own problems but also bequeath a strong legacy to their posterity so that they do not have to face the problems which they have to face.
While concluding the discussion it is reemphasised that the best platform for the persons with disability to work on the issues relating to them is the organizations meant only for the persons with visual disability.


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