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Sorry Hani
Lebanon Nasser Balloot (20/Male)

For as long as this humble family waited to see the first child, everything went great, Hani was born. Apparent features of glee and ecstasy dominated all his family members, yet unfortunately, they discovered the bitter fact: Hani was born blind! Here, joy turned out to be stern bewilderment. But what alleviated the alleged fear over Haniís situation and fate was the fact that the Lebanese government has recently endorsed a series of measures in order to improve lives of people with disability.
When Hani became a 3-year-old child, his family members heated their discussion ahead of the first crossroad. His father proposed that Haniís sake lies in taking him to a special institution that take care of blinds affairs, pretending that these centers are much more experienced than anybody else in nurturing, teaching and comprehending blinds and their special prerequisites.
However, this suggestion was ferociously opposed by Haniís mom who rather considered that she is the inimitably best figure to bring up her child, and look after his comfort while heís growing up and learning. What made the status more complicated is that Haniís dad stubbornly insisted on his attitude, until he promptly discovered that the government, through the newly adopted measures, guaranteed the full chance for blinds to study at ordinary schools rather than going to special institutions.
Ultimately, it was what the mother wanted! Her opinion was preponderant and Hani went to an ordinary school to study with sighted classmates. Here, his educational stage has genuinely commenced.

Despite encountering certain difficulties and barriers throughout his path, he pursued his scholar education, thanks to an intensive cooperation between the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education and interested associations who held together training sessions devoted for school teachers, administration and all school assembly members. The aim behind these sessions was to guarantee and ensure-to a far extent-that such cases would benefit from an equivalent level of education akin their sighted colleagues.
Years and years passing, Hani reached the point where he started thinking about what to study at the university, knowing that heís entirely free to select what he wants, and accordingly study the major that best satisfies his ambition.
In fact, Hani was cheerfully admitted to the university where he specialized in Information studies. Three years later, he graduated and began to seek for a suitable job, and as the rest of his colleagues, Hani infiltrated the labor market where he got accepted to work at a newspaper.
There, he worked seriously and faithfully, and on many occasions, he luminously outshined his coworkers. He liked his work so much. Why not?! All his rights at work were safeguarded and profoundly esteemed.
He didnít suffer any manner of discrimination, instead, enjoyed a wide plethora of social and health services. Whatís more significantly noticed, that he was never ever treated as a different person.

Despite his deep submerge into work responsibilities, he simultaneously met Nadia, his attractive coworker, and later they got married. During marriage, he confronted no encumbrance in making a family as well as finding an adequate domicile, since the government secures all approved rights and privileges pertaining to such issues.

More than that, Hani had his own political view, leading him to a keenly incessant participation in the voting process. Thanks to the Lebanese Ministry of Interior Affairs, who provided all appropriate facilities and equipment, Hani managed to exercise his political participation whenever he wanted.
At a different level, he liked reading and browsing all new of books. Hence, he used to visit the public library alone for reading and delving into the internet websites there, taking into account, that reaching the library is accessible, and extracting information also seems extremely obtainable and respectable. He used Braille for reading, and talking screen readers for accessing the internet at the library.

So hooray, this is life: affluent, easy and comfy! Hani was born with a silver spoon in his mouth! He saw nothing other than seventh heaven and relief during his life, starting from his warm cradle towards death coffin.
However, this story was missing to be realistic a single thing. Itís that the Lebanese government should have signed the International Agreement of Rights for people with disability, but without that, Haniís life would be tremendously tedious.
Sorry Hani!
Youíll find yourself doomed to study at the so-calledĒwelfare institutions,Ē because the government didnít endorse an incorporating educational discipline thatís capable of teaching all students equally.
Sorry Hani!
Your educational path will be jam-packed with thorns, and youíll bump into a lot of troubles, since the school isnít sufficiently equipped to receive you like others.
Sorry Hani!
Unfortunately, getting a decent job -which best harmonizes with your ambition -will be unfeasible. Listen dear, you live in a country that hasnít yet approved the minimum of what could be implemented out of the labor code, particularly, for the sake of people with disability.
Sorry and sorry again!
Donít ever believe that youíll be able to visit the library alone in order to practice your hobby in reading. Neither roads nor libraries are well equipped, and Braille books have even gone astray.
Oh Hani, all these apologies might not cease, yet in brief, just sorry Hani, up till now, the Lebanese government didnít approve the International Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.


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