WBU-AP(Junior Group) Fine work
Braille And My Life
Vietnam Mai Thi Thuy Hang (17/Female)

As time passed by, I worked hard at Braille with guidance from my dedicated teachers. Gradually, I began to understand the rules of reading and writing Braille. Such a wonderful feeling came all over me - what joy, what fun! With only six tiny simple dots, I could create letters, I could write words, and I could send messages.

After a lot of practice, I could read and write with speed. Sometimes my fingers moved so quickly that they got lost on the paper. Truly, Braille has brought hope back into my life. Now I wanted to continue schooling!

From Braille, I went on to the computer - this was also a new and exciting subject. However, learning to use the computer effectively meant that I had to learn English. Fortunately for me, I had the ability to use Braille to record all the instructions and ideas that were taught in class so that I could review them and put them into practice at home.

In addition, Braille enabled me to take down notes on subjects like farming and agriculture. I was further enriched by gaining knowledge from newsletters published by the Vietnam Blind Association. I read about the lives of other blind people who overcame their difficulties and rose in society and became well integrated into the community at large.

I am truly thankful for Braille as it has enabled me to learn about the origins of Massage and how I could provide effective treatment to other people as a masseuse. Through my profession, I could now earn a stable income and help my mother buy some things for the family.

I was no longer restricted to the four walls and yard of my house. I could live in confidence and in harmony with everyone around me. I could feel that my parents were now very happy with radiant smiles as their cheerful laughters pervaded the little house. My mother was no more worrying and she did not have to follow me around. Hurray! - I can now travel independently with the help of a White Cane.

At this very moment, I am participating in the Onkyo World Braille Essay Contest by working on the magic Braille dots. I hope that through my little story which has been made possible by Braille, I will have the opportunity to meet other unfortunate souls. This is because I want to share with them the gifts that have been bestowed upon me in this beautiful life of ours. I want to tell them about the magic of Braille and what it has done for me in my life.


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