ABU(Junior Group) Excellent Work
“We Want Opportunity Not Pity”
India Prakhar Shrivastava (Male)

Our morale is high,
Our abilities we shall demonstrate,
Not just earth, but sky is our limit.
Agreed, disabled we are
But not the object of pity,
Strong will-power and faith in ourselves is our treasure.
Give us just one opportunity,
Successful we shall always be.
The upliftment of persons who are backward physically, mentally, socially and economically is not just our duty and responsibility, but of all of us.People who have been left behind in the process of development, need to be made to stand, fully empowered, on the main highway of mainstream development.This is the basic spirit of the Indian Constitution.
To be disabled physically like us, is a physical shortcoming which makes us experience difficulties in learning, playing and adequate social accomplishment.
Earlier, children like us were considered dependent on the family and symbols of pity; but, today, that is so to a much reduced extent.Today, many disabled have made a mark for themselves in the fields of medicine, education, art and music.Whether it is Ravindra Jain in the field of music or Sudha Chandran in the sphere of dance.
Parents, teachers and society need not show pity for children like us, nor should they view us with hatred.They should not only give us love and affection, but also provide us opportunities for moving forward along with remedies for improvement.
They should provide us the feeling that we are loved members of the family and every individual wants us.Disabled children like us should be fully accepted emotionally.Showing us pity means: making us feel different from normal children, creating a feeling of inferiority among us and reducing our levels of self-confidence.Such situations prove obstructive to the development of children like us.
It is the duty of society to treat us just like other children.Thus, society should develop a feeling among us that we, too, are second to none in terms of capabilities and talents.History is testimony to the fact that many children became great personalities of the world on the basis of their extraordinary qualities.E.g.—Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar, Abraham Lincoln etc.
Therefore, what children like us need is that we should be provided efficient guidance and educational opportunities.Parents, teachers and society have a vital role to play in fulfilling this responsibility.We need adequate inspiration, enthusiasm and proper psychological treatment for our development, so that, as a result of their encouragement, the talents hidden within us, may get fully blossomed and we could become self-reliant by making appropriate and healthy use of those talents.For the development of our interests and capabilities and for removing problems obstructing our development, we greatly need proper physical accommodation.
Thoroughly and stony ways shall not frighten us,
We shall achieve our destination,
Just a little encouragement is what we need,
We shall create light even in darkness.
Someone has rightly said that if God leaves one defect in the creation of a human being, He endows him with some special quality, such as perfection in some artistic work, interest in music, perfection in elocution, special interest in studies etc.
So, we the disabled should be provided special facilities and opportunities for employment on the basis of our special qualities, so that, like normal people, we, too, may be free from dependence and be able to fulfill our obligations to society.No doubt, vocational rehabilitation centres have been opened up for the disabled, but their number is far too less in proportion to the number of the disabled.These centres should be established at the district level in every State on the basis of the total population of the disabled.Even today, there are large numbers of talented disabled persons in many districts and villages of India for whom there is no one to provide guidance.Although many schemes have been formulated for the disabled in India in which there is 3% reservation for the disabled in many services, yet this percentage of reservation is very meager as compared to the percentage and status of disability.This reservation percentage should be raised so that we might get increasing employment opportunities.Appropriate means of livelihood will play the correct role for our upliftment and respect in society and will also enhance our self-confidence.
We, too, will add lustre to the progress of our India by attaining the honour of being the citizens of the country through our commitment, trust and capabilities, like everyone else.We shall prove that ‘flight’ is possible not through ‘wings’, but through courage.Remember, pity, mockery or humiliation from parents, teachers or society can thrust us into depression for the entire life, whereas appropriate guidance and encouragement from everyone can make us proud sons of India.We need nothing from society except encouragement.So, “we need opportunity, not pity”.Except encouragement, we need nothing else from you.
Inspiration is the basis of our life.
With fear of waves, rivers can not be conquered
Those who try can not be defeated.
When the tiny little ant carrying the grain moves on,
Slips hundred times climbing the wall,
Faith in self new courage induces,
Climbing-falling and then climbing again never irks.
Their effort is never wasted
Those who try are never defeated.


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