WBU-NAC region(Junior Group) Fine Work
“How I acquire information through braille books and audio cassettes”
U.S.A. Ashley Gonzales(16/Female)

How do I acquire knowledge through braille books and audio cassettes? Easy. Braille books and audio cassettes provide me with almost everything I can think of. They provide me with so much information that I will need to know to be successful in life. By reading braille books, I not only know how to read, but I also know how to write properly. For example, when I am writing an essay for class, or just writing for fun, I will refer to my braille books for some help. I will study the way words are properly arranged in a sentence or paragraph, then look at the grammar and spelling, and I will be able to write anything I want. One time, when I was writing a short story for fun and I did not know how to properly arrange my paragraphs or punctuation, I referred to one of my braille literature books to see the way the paragraphs were written and the way the punctuation was used.
Through braille books, I can also learn math and science concepts a lot better than if I was just sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher lecture on about something she had on the overhead projector. By the many different charts and diagrams in my braille books, I can better understand certain questions given to me. It is more efficient for me to be able to find the information I need this way than relying on someone else to do it for me.
One day, in geography class, I needed to be able to point out to my teacher where on a map several states were located. Normally I would not have been able to do this, but, because I had my braille geography books, I was able to show him exactly where these states were located. In geography class, we were often required to know how and where to locate a certain state, and the only way I could do this was by using the embossed maps on my braille books. Because of the tactual graphs and maps, I can independently search and find a particular state or town on a map.
So, because of my braille books, I can acquire all sort of knowledge I need for all subjects. However, braille books are not my only source of gathering knowledge. Audio cassettes are another fine way for me to obtain information. They allow me to not only hear a word, but also help me to pronounce that certain word properly so I can use it in my everyday speech. For me, audio cassettes are a fast and efficient way to read about a special topic and truly understand its meaning. For example, one night, when my fingers were tired and numb from reading braille all day, I switched to my audio cassette and listened to Animal Farm for English class. Because I was hearing the story instead of reading it, I was able to type at the same time without stopping the story and picking out what information it was I needed successfully to complete my study questions for the chapters. Because I am able to do this, I can finish my homework a lot faster, giving me time to relax and prepare for the next day's school work.
While audio cassettes may be good for listening to complete study questions, I still need the braille book with me so I can flip through pages and go over a particular passage again just in case I did not understand the first time. If I don't understand something, I reread it until it makes sense to me, but sometimes I need to hear it being read out loud for me to really understand its meaning.
I cannot just go with only one and not the other, because I need both braille books and audio cassettes to gain knowledge from. I mean, when I am in the classroom working on an assignment that requires searching for the answers, in the book, I cannot properly use an audio cassette. It is so much easier to bring just my braille book to class instead of an audio cassette because, even if I had earphones with me, it would still be too much of a hassle carrying all that equipment versus a book to class. But when I am in more of a hurry, audio cassettes help me find my information quicker when I am at home doing my homework.
So as you now know, acquiring information through braille books and audio cassettes is very simple and useful for me. Reading braille books allows me to be able to spell a word correctly and write a simple paragraph by providing examples. Maps, graphs, charts, and diagrams in braille books are very helpful and so easy to find information from because of their tactual representations. Audio cassettes allow me a quicker way to catch information than braille books. However, I need both books and cassettes to get a full understanding and accumulation of knowledge in order to achieve intellect.


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