EBU(Junior Group) Fine Work
“Letter to Braille writing on Braille”
Russia Alexey Zolnikov(18/Male)

In my letter, dearest monsieur Louis Braille, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for your great invention, for the magic six dots, which heralded an appearance of new way of writing and reading. It totally transformed the lifestyle of visually impaired people, including me.
Monsieur Louis, I would like to share with you events of my life that have happened to me for the last two years and that have changed my life abruptly. I write by force of need to share with you that excitement which was made on me by your talent.
Who am I? A boy from a small village located in the most beautiful places of Tatarstan. Unfortunately I can’t see this beauty: I am blind.
My childhood, until fifteen years old, I spent in a village with my parents. They surrounded me with love, attention, I will be grateful to them all my life. As I grew up, something was missing. Some thought kept appearing; I had a wish to write them down. I knew there was so many books that I just couldn’t read.
Now I believe that miracles happen. Such miracle happened to me.
At the age of fifteen years old I found myself (thanks to my parents) in a special correction school of Laishevo for blind and visually impaired children. They evaluate me at once to the 5th grade as I was too old for the first-grader. That is how my first acquaintance with the Braille’s reading and writing system had begun. Miracle was happening: I started to master in writing pretty quickly. To learn how to read was harder. But as they say in a proverb: «Little strokes fell great oaks». Soon I found out that I had mastered in Braille’s writing and reading pretty well. I was interested in writing and reading. By the end of the school year I caught up in studying and finished it with «Good» and «Excellent».
Summer vacation has begun. This summer differed form the previous. Now I have my new friends with me – books. And I can read them! How many new things I have learnt from books! But among all read words of French writer Antoin de Saint-Exupery from “The Little Prince” stick in memory: «It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye». These words confirmed me in thought that the absence of vision doesn’t mean the absence of the whole life, and a human being with a good vision but with a cruel heart – that’s the real blind.
And here I am again in my school, the school that gave me faith in future. This year it is its 40 anniversary. I know from school’s history that each of the graduates found their place and achieved a lot. They are: directors, teachers, lawyers, workers; many of them study in Universities. Isn’t it inspiring?
Another school year comes to the end, I’m graduating 5th grade. Success is obvious: I have «Excellent» everywhere. Also I like to read, to draw and to go in for sports.
I have a lot of plans: I’m thinking to get a higher education, profession and with my hard work to earn livelihood and respect. Only thanks to your system of writing and reading these dreams may come true. Dreams are not only mine but everybody else’s who is deprived by destiny of ability to see.
With deepest gratitude to you, a pupil of Special correction school for blind and visually impaired children of Laishevo, Zolnikov Alexey.


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