EBU(Senior group) Fine Work
“Six-dot bridge between parallel worlds”
Kazakhstan Author: Galina Ivanovna Frolova(58/Female)

It is so hard to leave Morpheus kingdom where I can see the world in vivid hues and sometimes hear wondrous music. Which countries have I been today? But it seems to be morning and it is high time to return to the reality. Night dreams if remembered and chased in my soul will be food for thoughts in my life, which is so meager in events. I make a habitual look through the window, which has become a ceremony of meeting with morning, to mountains which are clearly seen from windows of my flat. High mountains with snowy peaks, gray blue in early morning, not yet lit by glaring sun rays. Or, probably, today they are foggish and sombrous? How does this majestic picture change during the day? Mountains, you will be chased forever in my memories!
I head for kitchen to cook my breakfast. Common-day tasks of my simple daily round. Hands are carrying out household tasks which are not difficult ever for a totally blind. Vivid noise of the long-awaken big city living in its own fashion and of unstoppable stream of cars and people who harry for business surround my flat. The large world is next to me, but is separated from me with an unseen barrier which does not pass a single sound or a scent. Only warm rays of the sun, blasts of wind, and raindrops failing on my palms which are open towards them are connecting links to the world, full of people, which I know to a dot and love.
A small flat in a multistory building is my small planet, which lives at a pace unknown for most people. How many such planets are lost in space depths of small and large cities? Who lives on these planets? How often do you laugh? How often do you see weeps unseen to the world but still very bitter? What if these are seniors’ or children’ tears? What if young people full of energy, but separated from the world by invisible but impassable barriers? How do you live, people of small planets? What do you think and dream about? Whom do you talk with? Are not you alone prisoners of your flats?
Dreams and vivid pictures of the past are resurrecting in my memory. Books after books are filling my whole life.
Whatever blows did the Fate strike, life goes on and you must live in the most possible full-fledged manner, which some might think is impossible. I never questioned whether to learn Braille or not. After totally losing my hearing when I was young I had to become accustomed to getting the whole volume of information in printed text. So after I lost my vision I immediately started learning Braille. I suffered a lot from the fact I had to read the text practically by syllables while accustoming myself to tactile means of reading. There were moments when I wanted to five up and forget everything: my blindness, obstacles which edged me out of bright and wide road of great start of my life to its black margin where the strongest in spirit are only able to survive and live a productive life.
I learned to read anew slowly, word by word and phrase after phrase. My mind manages to travel several times round the globe before I read the whole page. But I have to go on and stick it. No one is going to help me because my country does not have any rehabilitation centers or professional psychologists to help people who lost their vision and hearing.
These probably were the hardest moments of my life when even the nearest relatives didn’t know how to help me and just overcare about me and filled physical demands providing only food for body.
Years have passed and my fingers quickly run over pages of Braille tomes. Tien-Shan mountains of my home town give place to far peaks of Himalaya. Following book heroes, I fly to another world. Rich past experience and knowledge allow me to see the unique beauty of nature, animals and plants, of people and culture, of the whole world where dream, which knows not obstacles or distances, can fly. Other worlds, galaxies and the pale blue spot of the Earth with the past, the future and the present-day life of people — everything commoving the mind of the human is open for me.
If you ask a total deafblind of Braille’s role in his or her life, you’ll hear the answer: an umbilical, bridge between the world without sounds and people to the world with the complete array of tints and accords to the people world. It is the six-dot bridge between parallel worlds.
Geniality of Luis Braille’s discovery is hard to overestimate. Six dots and their combinations allow writing not only words but also the most complex mathematic formulas and musical notation. The deafblind people use Braille also for conversation by tactile, what a few others know about. Dots and dots touching my fingers and palms and I can hear my companion’s voice.
Braille writing as well as reading is unalienable part of my life. Seven keys on a typewriter or sometimes a Braille pencil and dots, dots and more dots quickly falling on paper covering pages after pages transform into a clear story. Letters and letters telling so much about each other. Letters from my deafblind friends which help me bear the hardest moments in my life and give the joy of converse. Letters from the deafblind soul mates are so illuminated and penetrated with love to people and desire to change the world for everyone who needs support.
Small boxes of Braille displays is a long and pipe dream for most deafblind enabling them to enter the world of information with computers and mobile phones and to live in the epoch of information spree.
Which confines did you break by the technology, people of the third millennium? Vivid colors on TV and computer displays, blinding and deafening advertisements, which are integral parts of the modern society, didn’t shadow the whole world for you? Look around watch out for someone who is next to you!
A deafblind child’s small and fragile fingers clasping a clench and trying just as in 19th century to build a bridge and reach the world of people. Do not repel him and do not push him on the sidelines. Lend him as well as to many adult people your helping hands to overcome the barriers, know the world, and become a full-fledged citizen of the Earth. Help us! We cannot survive without you, people of 21st century!


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