ABU(Senior group) Fine Work
“Global climate change: causes, effect and possible solutions”
Kyrgyz Republic Jakov Alexander Ivanovich(26/Male)

There is a famous saying that the indifference will kill the world and I completely agree with it. I think that people should be concerned not only about themselves but to care about future generations. I think being inactive in solving these pressing problems is an outrage on humanity. As to my attitude to all this, I had deeply researched this topic when I was third-year student at the University. I chose the topic of “Global human problems” on economic geography as my course paper. Among the issues, I’ve learned, there were demographic crisis, demographic explosion, food issue, nuclear disarmament, deforestation, air and water pollution, and, of course, global climate change. Having deeply researched this topic, I have concluded that there is a close connection between all these problems and they need joint efforts to be solved.
Global climate change results, nowadays, in global warming, which is often referred as to “greenhouse effect”. Global warming is an extremely severe and urgent problem facing people all over the world. Its effects and causes are on the rise and people are to do something about it before the situation becomes any worse. Global warming is an increase in the Earth’s temperature, which can be caused by the use of fossil fuels and agricultural and industrial processes. Man-made emissions are adding to the amount of carbon dioxide. These harmful processes have been leading to a great increase in the buildup of “greenhouse gases” which are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons and water vapor.
One of the major causes of global warming is the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal. Until now humans did not know about the great possible use of them. However at the middle of the nineteenth century people began to burn these fossil fuels in large quantities to provide themselves with energy. The worldwide consumption of fossil fuel had been increased dramatically during the last decades. Nevertheless, the great use of fossil fuels is not the only cause of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In many parts of the world, nowadays, forests are being destroyed at an alarming scale. Great numbers of valuable tree species are being cut down because of various agricultural, industrial and urban needs, which, by no means, can be justified. This destructive process is called “deforestation”. Therefore, it can be concluded that there are two main causes of global warming on the Earth: the use of fossil fuels and deforestation.
According to the scientists, within the next fifty or one hundred years, the Earth may be hotter than it has been during the last million years. Global warming will affect the weather everywhere, plants and animals everywhere, and, of course, humans everywhere!
As for the dramatic change of weather patterns, we witness them even now. People have already experienced severe storms in the United States, long-term droughts in Australia, anomalously hot summers in Europe, sudden snowfalls in Africa, disastrous floods and spates in other countries. Moreover, this is not the whole number of such striking changes in global climate and their list can be further continued. Unfortunately, these dramatic changes in the Earth’s climate lead to tragic natural disasters all over the world. As glaciers melt and oceans warm, many coastal areas and countries run the risk to disappear completely.
As the result of deforestation, humanity will lose numerous, precious species of plant and animal life. Scientists have already prognosticated that about 30 – 40% of animal and plant species will be soon on the verge of absolute extinction, because of them being unable to adapt to rapidly changing climatic conditions. .
Of course, it is quite obvious that these negative factors will not do humanity any good. As the result of all these factors, lots of poor countries will be endangered to suffer greatly from hunger and thirst, because of possible mass shortage of food and drinking water. Abnormally hot climate will increase and sharpen respiratory, cardiovascular and infectious diseases. Numerous fatal cases of sunstroke have been already registered in August of 2003. Thousands of Europeans from Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal died of anomalous heat.
Now it is high time to think over solutions to all these problems. I think that the main preventive measures should be taken in transportation area. First of all, people should drive less, use public transportation or use more effective cars. The most wholesome solution to the problem of transportation is to bike and to walk to get around the city. Another way out is to drive electric cars or electric hybrid cars to reduce the amount of pollution. When heating and electrifying the housing, people should use renewable energy sources like solar heat and wind power. It will help to limit the burning of heating oil and gas, and, consequently, the emission of harmful substances into the air.
Our future depends on what we will do to slow the process of global warming. I believe that every individual can make difference in these destructive processes. Global warming is an urgent and sharp problem and it will not go away without the cooperation of the world and its inhabitants.


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