WBU-AP(Junior Group) Excellent Work
“ How braille help a musician pursue a music career”
Australia Ritchell Lim(14/Female)

Hi. My name is Ritchell Lim and I am fourteen years old. In this essay, I will talk about how Braille will help a blind musician to pursue a music career.
A blind musician who really wants to pursue a music career can learn Braille Music. Learning Braille music is simply learning how to read and write music notes in Braille, though, of course, the symbols and notes read and written in Braille will be quite different to those in print. Learning Braille Music is useful for many things. From doing theory exams to writing music for orchestras, Braille Music makes it possible for a blind person to really pursue a serious music career.
I myself am a blind musician and therefore am a witness of the great opportunities Braille Music can offer a blind musician. I am a singer, song writer and pianist. For eight years now, I have been writing songs and playing the piano and for eleven years have been singing. I have written twenty songs and have made two albums. In piano, I am currently doing seventh grade and I am also currently doing second grade theory. I have been learning Braille Music for five years now and, being the ambitious person I am, although I mostly memories my piano pieces and compositions, I intend to know Braille Music so well so that one day, I can play for an orchestra. But I must say, in all of this, my singing has been by far the most dependent on Braille Music. Now, after saying this, the reader might be asking why or how. My answer is this.
I go to a school in Fremantle called John Curtin College of the Arts. As its name suggests, this school focuses strongly on students that have a gift and talent in performing arts, such as music and drama. I am in the music program, currently learning voice. And because of this, I am in three choirs. In all of the choirs, I get the pieces brailled. Once all of the brailling is finished, I start learning the pieces by reading the Braille Music and the words. After only a few times of reading, I have managed to memories all of the pieces, music and words.
Another instance where Braille Music became useful was at an event occurred a couple of years ago. In July 2008, I went to a Braille Music camp which was held in Sydney. In this camp, I was in two different choirs: the Main Choir, which involved the whole camp and the Chamber Choir, which only involved children that were around about the same age as me. In both of these choirs, I had to rely on Braille Music to help me learn all of the pieces. And again, it didn't take long before I memorized them all. I was also in the orchestra and that involved a bit of reading too. But in all of these instances, Braille Music was my guide. I truly believe that without Braille Music, it would have taken a whole lot longer for me to learn all of my choir and orchestra pieces.
So now, I shall conclude my essay with a message for the reader and for anyone who is a blind musician and who chooses to pursue a serious music career. My message is this. If you are a blind musician who has not already started to learn Braille Music, I suggest you start. If, on the other hand, you are a blind musician who is learning Braille Music already, I suggest you continue. Why am I saying this? Because in everything musical that you do, in every choir you sing in, in every orchestra you play in, in every theory exam that you do, Braille Music will help you to go far. And it will make your dream career come true. Remember. Because of Braille Music, I am the person I am today. I truly believe that if Braille Music can make me who I am today, it can make you the dream person you want to be.
Well, I must say that it's been a pleasure writing this essay. I hope that every sentence I have written will encourage the reader and also those blind musicians out there who are willing to pursue a serious music career. And I hope that every message I have conveyed in this essay will be pondered by the reader and will inspire those blind musicians out there. Because I believe that all you blind musicians out there have great gifts, talents and potentials that really need to be brought out. And one last thing, I believe that none of this would be possible if Braille Music didn't exist.


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