WBU-AP(Senior group) Excellent Work
“How the Blind Can Succeed in the Field of Music”
Malaysia Mohd. Asri bin Mat Isa(41/Male)

Music is becoming a big industry in the developed nations. Music can bring forth the various cultures of nations, promote the name of different groups and raise one's economic status.
The field of music is not confined to music alone. It includes music composition, writing of lyrics, and the promoters of music. In fact, the recording companies, promoters, journalists and various media play an important role in bringing about success and accomplishments in music. Teachers, music centers and traders are no less important in the music scene.
Music has become synonymous with the blind. S. G. Bang, Siti Musliha, A. Kadir Jalani and Harun Ahmad are examples from among the blind who have colored the Malaysian scene. Their songs are still heard on the radio. They are sung at the Karaoke centers and are the choice favorites of participants in singing contests.
In my view, a blind person must be bold in order to be successful in music. We must find opportunities for exposure as musicians and be willing to learn from those who are experienced musicians.
The first important element is knowledge. The blind aspirant must learn how to vocalize, write lyrics, dance, and act and be fashionable. Advantage is gained by starting at a tender age. Therefore, parents could be an important factor in determining success.
The second factor to consider is interest. You must have the desire to be close to music and to acquire the knowledge and skills. However, interest alone is not enough; you must have the talent which is not something that is possessed by everyone.
Thus, I come to the third point -- talent. It is given by God and cannot be bought, sold or inherited. For instance, accomplished musicians have come from families with no music background at all. On the other hand, successful musicians do not necessarily leave behind offspring who are talented in music. In fact, successful musicians often never realize that they have the potential to excel in music until later in life.
Thus, we are very thankful to the sponsors of music contests who are responsible in initiating the hunt for new talents. This has contributed greatly to the success of the music industry. It is, therefore, crucial for the blind to take part in music contests in order to display their talents.
Composition is the fourth important factor. There are many good singers but fewer people are good at composition. This is essential for a successful career in music. It will enable you to recognize music trends and to bring forth new compositions to suit the season.
Fifthly, a successful musician must be well motivated. He must be high-spirited, industrious, and be willing to accept trials and challenges. Motivation comes in various forms -- your experiences in life, the advice given by successful musicians, reading about other people's achievements, and definitely your own aspirations.
What is the sixth factor? -- The ability to understand and interpret current trends. This is very crucial for success, particularly at the early stage. With this knowledge, you will be able to select the kind of music according to your tastes. At times, however, you will need to follow the dictates of the day. Ultimately, you must be able to shape your own identity in order to attract a following. This will be a bonus for you in propelling you to success. You will be sought after by various groups who wish to promote their music. However, be warned -- simply giving in to the demands of others may cause you to lose your identity.
Management is the seventh factor to consider. This means establishing proper links and effective communication with the promoters, sponsors, media, fans and friends. Just one weak link in the chain may cause you to lose everything. For the blind in particular, securing professional support may be extremely difficult. Ultimately, you have to rely on yourself and your own resources. Getting the support of a non-governmental organization may be quite useful.
To be a successful musician, you need financial support, plenty of time, a healthy diet and freedom from stress -- never forget them. God can only help you if you are determined to help yourself. Friends and supporters can lend a hand but the choice to succeed is in your own hands.


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