WBU-NAC region Fine Work
U.S.A Brianna L. Brown(16/female)

I think Braille plays an important role in independence for a blind person.It has helped me be successful in life in various ways.Braille has been important for school, and for my daily living skills.In this essay I am going to tell you in what ways Braille has helped with my independence.I am also going to tell a little bit about gaining independence by learning music.
I started learning Braille when I was three-years-old.I have used it all through my school life.I am thankful that Braille has allowed me to read books of my choice, do all my schoolwork at my own pace, and to study whenever I want.I like having the independence of Braille because I don’t particularly like doing worksheets and tests orally.It is great not having to rely on people for studying or reading.This is one reason why I think Braille helps with independence.
I use two mains forms of Braille to get through my school day.I have Braille books for all my classes and a Braille notetaker for notes, worksheets, etc.I prefer the Braille notetaker because it is more portable than the Perkins Braille Writer.Also, I can download books from the internet and convert them in to Braille or audio. This has been quite helpful for literature assignments and personal reading.I feel Braille is an invaluable resource which helps me accomplish my daily work at school.
I have come up with several different ways to make my daily living accessible.I brailled my washer and dryer so I can wash my clothes on my own.I also found a way to line the arrows up with the labels on the washer and dryer.After I put my labels on, I put a raised dot on the twist knob.You can separate your clothes by using a color identifier.For matching purposes, you can also use labeled color tags on your clothes when they are clean.I have so outfits that are the same but different colors, so I cut the tags out of one of them in order to tell them apart.These are just ideas to help with matching and laundry.
I have taken several steps in making myself more independent in the kitchen.I brailled my microwave so I can cook quick things on my own.I am also learning how to cook on the stove.I can do a few things but nothing major.I bought a lazy susan for my spices.It has twelve containers, and I labeled them with my most commonly used spices.It is easy to measure the spices because each little container has a knob that releases a quarter teaspoon at a time.You can label canned food with magnets.Just take magnets and put Braille labels on them.This is better than wasting label paper everytime you go grocery shopping.Boxed food can be marked with clip tags.Then are a few ways of making the kitchen more accessible.
Braille also plays a part in public independence.I really like having the option of Braille menus.It is quite nice to be able to look at all the different foods myself.I always feel weird when I ask people too many questions about what is on the menu.It is good that most public restrooms are labeled, so you don’t have to ask random people which is which when you are by yourself.Braille elevators are great for navigating around public buildings and hotels.I think the public could be more accessible if beverage and snack machines and exercise equipment such as treadmills and elipticals were brailled.
I really enjoy playing cards and other games with my family.We play card games such as Phase Ten, Skip-bo, Poker, and many more.I just buy the cards and Braille them myself. I like being able to use my own strategies and to make my own choices of which card to play.I think that it is too complicated when you have to depend on someone to whisper everything to you when the cards are not brailled.I usually play with my family once or twice a week.
I have a large collection of music, So I had to figure out some way of knowing where everything is.I spent a lot of time figuring out what would be best.Finally, I decided to make a Braille list of titles corresponding to each CD. in my book.I put a number label on every other page, so I don’t have to do so much counting.It is nice just to scan down a list instead of having to search through a whole book for a specific album.After so long I practically memorized most of my book.This has been a successful idea.I would recommend it for anyone.
I have gained independence from learning music.I have done vocal performances, marching and concert band activities, and plays.Participating in the events has given me the opportunity to travel to many different places, and each experience has helped me learn stage presence.I also think that it would be awesome to start doing radio shows.I think doing all these types of activities is good for learning how to work with other people, soliciting assistance, and traveling independently.
Although technology is a major part of our everyday society, I think it is very important to know basic Braille.I am serious about being independent and successful in life.I always find ways around challenges to make things easier. In this essay I have given several examples of how I used Braille to achieve independence in my own life.I think Braille is a necessity for a blind individual to successfully achieve independence throughout his or her entire life.


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