EBU(Junior Group) Fine Work

“Braille Literacy Changes My Way of life”
U.K. Anna Barham(12/female)

I don't know why the babysitter would do this to me but she did. Anyway, why did Mrs Kipling expect me to read such tiny words without a magnifying glass if I had such bad eyesight? I was the oldest of the blind children that Mrs Kipling was minding, besides I had the best eyesight out of those children. So she forced me to help type a complaint e-mail on the computer, protesting about how rude the electrician was to her when he came to fix the lights. After that, I was to read the Today's to-do list out loud to remind her. "Now Anna it is my house and you have to do what I say, whether it is breaking the law, doing dangerous stuff like climbing over electric fences that are very high or difficult stuff like reading tiny letters, because you have the best eyesight, there is no excuse that you can't read tiny letters!" Mrs Kipling explained, "If I find out that you can't do those things and you made up excuses why you can't do those things, I'll beat you with my big black stick that's in the corner of my bedroom!." Mrs Kipling had flowing blonde hair and blue eyes, apart from her eyes and hair, she had a pretty face. Of course, I couldn't see her facial expressions but I'm sure she was extremely fierce. She didn't show it openly to the others. It was only me who was the victim of cruelty. The words on the Today's to-do list were extraordinarily hard to see, just sitting in an old wooden chair, straining to read those words and by the time I realised what was going to happen when Mrs kipling came back from shopping, I erupted into floods of tears.
Ten minutes later when I was still sobbing I heard a sort of rumbling sound as if someone was pulling a suitcase, maybe someone was coming to stay. It wasn't. In the room where I was sitting, trying to read the list, someone opened the door with a tap and a click. In came a six foot man with a long white cane in his hand, I knew his name because Mrs Kipling had introduced me to him. He was her brother. "Hey, What's wrong darling?" asked Shamus, "I can hear you are crying, don't be upset".He gave loads of sympathy to me. I told him how beastly Mrs Kipling had been, "Don't worry Anna, Mrs Kipling has gone shopping with the others, so while she's gone, I'll tell you all about her but I'll keep you safe by my side from now on." Shamus did so, furthermore, he embraced me. He was a tremendously genial gentleman, at the age of sixty but still a handsome man. He was blind, you can tell he was blind because of his long white cane and his big black Labrador Retriever guide dog that guided him when he walked about in the streets to go shopping or to go to work.
Shamus made some plans of what he was going to do to look after me. His plans were so suitable for me because they included learning braille and protecting me. Years of practice made me very smart and that's why I'm extremely good at braille. Before Shamus did that, he called Childline. This was excellent because they looked after me and handed me back to my mother and father. Mrs Kipling went to court and was sentenced to fifty years in prison. Shamus was revealed as National Blind Hero of the Century. He also received a long cane which was made out of polished pure gold, a certificate and a million pound cheque.


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