EBU(Junior Group) Fine Work

“A Touch, a World”
Turkey Çetin Aslan(19/male)

I would like to know what colorful landscapes, paintings or a photograph meant.So, too, would I like to experience that mysterious system called sight. However, unfortunately, this has not been possible. I have to live without sensing the difference between light and darkness. But that’s ok since I don’t feel bad that I cannot see light; and am glad that I cannot see darkness.It has been through Braille that I have been able to have such positive feelings. It has become a source of life for me. With every touch of its letters I discover a new world.
It almost as if the contradiction between the adjectives black and white becomes one each time I open and close my eyes. Before my father could even be congratulated, my eyes fell into darkness. I began this game of life, full of cruel obstacles, already defeated. I grew up bumping into walls and sucking in my tears. Regardless of how little, I became hopeful, ambitious and stronger. I wanted to succeed in becoming a great person in the future. I dreamed of making my family proud of me and inventing things useful to mankind.I imagined learning about the world and being known by the world. But to be able to do all this I first had to take the first steps and go to school and study.
Because I couldn’t see, this was only a dream. Because I was unaware that I could actually study and reach my goals, I became overwhelmed with pessimism and felt like there was no way out of my dark pit. I was so indecisive that I felt like I had to choose between holding on to a branch of a tree stretched out over an abyss or letting go. Suddenly, a hand reached out from behind the stars, took me by the hand and pulled me up. It hugged me with compassion and kissed me. It was mad at me, though, for letting myself get caught up in such a pessimistic cloud and letting it envelop me.Its name was Louis Braille. I was to call him Uncle Braille. He was not from my country but rather a foreigner. But he said that he knew all the languages of the world, including my own. This mysterious angel of goodness offered a lasting friendship. He had only two conditions: to work very hard and to be very determined. In exchange, he would make all my dreams come true and enable me to reach all of my goals.
I was very curious about what Uncle Braille’s face looked like. But because I couldn’t see it, I was not able to satisfy this curiosity. He must have understood this because he, without reservation, asked me to touch him. With trepid touches, I began to examine him. He had a very strange structure, or perhaps because he was unfamiliar to me, I thought so. He had six palms which, by putting them together, formed different meanings. They made possible an infinite number of worlds. He told me that I had access to a vast universe of knowledge. He said, “Examine my palms carefully; in time, they will become your ticket to success. All you have to do is touch them with great love, inconsumable passion and ceaseless determination” and wished me luck.
We very quickly became the best of friends. Uncle Braille taught me everything I wanted, beginning with writing my own name, and continues to do so. Because of him, I learned about past cultures and civilizations. Moreover, he not only taught me the intricacies of my own language but a foreign one as well.Just touch of Uncle Braille was enough to get me over the hurdles of complicated mixed equations in mathematics. He also brought light and the landscapes of the entire world to my eyes… not only the beautiful abut also the ugly. From the isolated jungles of Africa to the exotic countries of the Far East; from the fashion capitals of modern Europe to the bloody cities of an old Middle East, I have travelled to the four corners of the world with him.
Uncle Braille made it possible for the visually impaired to love the beauties of the world. It’s great that you were born and I have had the chance to get to know you!


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