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“What I should do if I were The Secretary General of the United Nations.”
Jordan Ra'ad Ghassan Majid Al-Sunna(17/male)

Are war and peace equal?
Do they meet in the same area?
Can anyone whoever he is play an effective role in promoting world peace?
Do religions have any attitudes in common that call for peace all over the world?
If we prevent the scourge of wars and promote world peace, the world will prosper and life will be safer and more secured. The world economy will flourish and environment will be given more attention and care so that all its problems will be solved.
Many questions occupy my mind all the time, not because they are unanswerable, but because they deal with acts leading to the destruction of the whole world.
If I were The Secretary General of The United Nations, I would find it necessary to be patient and persuasive and would have no prejudice to one side on behalf of another so that I could have a credible respected word which all the world's leaders would appreciate, listen to, and adopt respectfully.
The first thing I would do is to dedicate all my efforts and life to rebuilding and strengthening new international relationships based on mutual respect, love and cooperation among all countries and putting an end for all kinds of occupation, aggression, tyranny of one nation over another and suffocating its resources in order for war woes to be replaced by fruitful peace, and in order for hatred to be replaced by love and cooperation.
My tools for achieving these aims are as follows:
  1. In common religious attitudes towards peace and brotherhood among all human beings regardless of their ethnic, class, religious and racial differences.
  2. Fighting against poverty, famines, illnesses and diseases, and trying, with the help of rich country members and nongovernmental organizations, to relieve the effects of natural disasters on the poor countries and communities.
  3. Calling for protecting the global environment against pollution through the reservation of nature and stopping producing poisonous and dangerous gases and materials.
  4. Calling for wiping out mass-destructive and nuclear weapons without allowing any country to have the privilege to produce them.
  5. Calling for wiping out illiteracy among all the peoples of earth, and making learning and education a sacred right for everybody all over the world.
  6. Calling for empowering the disabled all over the world by giving them equal opportunities to learn, to work, to live safely in peace, security and prosperity. I should imploringly struggle for exempting them from paying taxes, customs fees, and even if I can, pass a law to the governments of the world that all the disabled have free health insurance, free devices and appliances which are necessary to help them overcome their disabilities, and means of transport which are necessary for their living safely, comfortably and peacefully. I would also call for launching awareness campaigns all over the world about the needs and rights of the disabled.
  7. Asserting women's right of emancipation and equality with their men counterparts, and struggling for the prevention of polygamy unless there is a very satisfactory reason and on condition that the first wife gives her full consent without any force practiced on her to give it. Women, all over the world, should have their rights, on an equal foot with men, to vote, to occupy the same government positions. It is very shameful for any man whoever he is to practice violence on a woman or a child whoever she or it is. Why this is done when the woman is half of the society! I recall the English poet William WordsWorth saying, "Child is the father of the man" because it is innocent and nearer to God than man. Thus all laws and rules should be adopted to prevent such shameful and irresponsible acts. This will ensure that the family is strongly built.
Somebody may ask me "Where are you going to bring this large amount of money to cover all the expenses of all your projects?"
I would simply answer that no one can imagine how much producing mass-destructive and nuclear weapons cost! If these large amounts of money are saved for the benefit, advance and prosperity of humanity, all the world problems will be solved.
These would be my aims and projects if I were The Secretary General of The United Nations, but it is a mere reverie, and whoever doesn't have power to be obeyed shouldn't give orders.


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